Volume 16, 2013

Volume 16, Number 3 – Special Issue: AIFS Conference 2012

Boyd HunterIntroduction to this issue – Incorporating contributions from the 12th Australian Institute of Family Studies ConferenceDownload
Gillian Whitehouse, Belinda Hewitt, Bill Martin, and Marian BairdEmployer-paid maternity leave in Australia: A comparison of uptake and duration in 2005 and 2010Download
Kelly Hand and Jennifer BaxterMaternal employment and the care of school-aged childrenDownload
Amsalu Bedemo, Kindie Getnet and Belay KassaDeterminants of household demand for and supply of farm labour in rural EthiopiaDownload
Peter MaresBook Review - The New Geography of Jobs
Enrico Moretti (2012), Boston/New York. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. pp. 294.

Volume 16, Number 2 – Special Issue: Australian Labour Market Research Workshop, February 2012

Tomoko KishiCohort efforts, spousal incomes and female labour force participation in Japan: A panel data analysisDownload
Michael Corliss, Phil Lewis and Anne DalyThe rate of returns to higher education over the business cycleDownload
Kathy Tannous and Meg SmithAccess to full-time employment: Does gender matter?Download
Bruce Chapman and Kiatanantha LounkaewHow many jobs is 23,150 really?Download
Anne Daly, Tesfaye Gebremedhin and Muhammad SayemA case study of affirmative action Australian-style for Indigenous peopleDownload
Benoit Pierre Freyens and Paul OslingtonA First Look at Incidence and Outcomes of Unfair Dismissal Claims Under Fair Work, Workchoices and the Workplace Relations ActDownload

Volume 16, Number 1 – Special Issue: Labour Market Discrimination

Boyd Hunter and Nicholas BiddleIntroduction to Australian Journal of Labour Economics, Special Issue: Labour Market DiscriminationDownload
Amanuel E. Habtegiorgis and Yin ParadiesUtilising self-report data to measure racial discrimination in the labour marketDownload
Markus Hahn and Roger WilkinsPerceived job discrimination in Australia: Its correlates and consequencesDownload
Julie P. Smith, Sara Javanparast, Elle McIntyre, Lyn Craig, Kate Mortensen and Colleen KohDiscrimination against breastfeeding mothers in childcareDownload
Nicholas Biddle, Monica Howlett, Boyd Hunter and Yin ParadiesLabour market and other discrimination facing Indigenous AustraliansDownload
Samuel Gorohouna and Catherine RisDecomposing differences in employment outcomes between Kanak and other New Caledonians: How important is the role of school achievement?Download
Bridget Daldy, Jacques Poot and Matthew RoskrugePerceptions of workplace discrimination among immigrants and native born New ZealandersDownload
Robert Breunig and Sandrine RospabeDistribution of French gender wage gapDownload