HDR Programs

The Faculty of Business and Law offers a range of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) programs:

Master of Research

The Master of Research (MRes) courses are designed specifically to link to end-on honours programs, and further develop students’ critical and problem solving approach to their discipline of study.

Entry Requirements

Students who qualify for first or second class honours may be able to elect to extend on their research and enter a Master of Research.

Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) teaches you how to apply advanced business knowledge to research, scholarship and further learning.  If you complete the MPhil, you can qualify for entry into a PhD.

If you choose to study the MPhil, you will work on a major research project that explores a particular area of business, management, or a related discipline. Depending on your academic and professional background, you may also undertake coursework to give you the skill base for completing a master thesis.

We offer the Master of Philosophy across a broad range of disciplines:

Entry Requirements

You must have a record of high achievement in a bachelor degree with first or second class honours or a postgraduate diploma.


Two years full-time (or equivalent part-time).

More information

Further course information can be found in the Curtin Handbook.

“The practical nature of the assignments provides insight into the nature of a future academic career.”

Jennifer Saric, MPhil student

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a doctoral level qualification and the highest university course in the field of business administration. It is designed to develop highly skilled, critical thinking and practical managers who can design and implement a significant research initiative. By relating this degree to a practical business solution, you could give you and your organisation a competitive edge.

If you choose to study the DBA, you will undertake coursework units that prepare you to design and implement a research project. The coursework is available in a ‘mixed mode’ of study, with some units being available in face-to-face classes and some in an online format.

You will also learn to conceptualise research questions, source and analyse data, identify your contributions to theory and practice, and complete a substantial research thesis, which will be examined by experts in your field.

Entry Requirements

You must have achieved a 70 per cent course weighted average in a master degree such as a Master of Business Administration (or equivalent) and have five years of relevant professional and managerial experience.


Three to four years full-time (or equivalent part-time study).

More information

Further course information can be found in the Curtin Handbook.

“Completing the units while preparing my proposal enabled me to confidently move through the milestones of my research with the vision of contributing to professional practice.”

Cherie Wabeke, DBA student

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) inspires you to discover new facts, formulate theories or reinterpret known data and established ideas.

If you study a PhD at Curtin, your aim will be to develop a thesis that makes a significant and original contribution to knowledge and understanding in your field. You could also choose to get involved with business theory and scholarship.

You can choose to undertake your PhD in a range of fields including:

Entry Requirements

You need a background in theory and research, and have completed a master degree by research or a bachelor degree with first class or upper second class honours.


Four years full-time (or equivalent part-time study).

More information

Further course information can be found in the Curtin Handbook.

“I learned different types of essential research paradigms, research procedures and research ethics.”

Anwar Sadat Shimul, PhD candidate

Which option is best for you?

The Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy are doctoral level research degrees that inspire you to explore and develop new knowledge in one or more fields of investigation, scholarship or professional practice. If you don’t qualify for one of these degrees, you can apply for a Master of Philosophy, which prepares you for a future in research.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible to enrol in either the Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Philosophy, you will need to satisfy the entry criteria for Doctoral and Master’s Research Degrees.

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