Tourism Research Cluster

Membership to the Cluster is free and no affiliation to Curtin University is required. Members will have access to a calendar of free events with invited speakers addressing a range of topical tourism issues. The TRC will also keep you up-to-date with opportunities for involvement and regular newsletters of its activities.

There are many benefits for researchers and organisations  to become members of TRC, some of these include:

For tourism researchers:

  • meet other tourism researchers
  • share ideas
  • explore collaborative opportunities
  • increase your resource network
  • upskill through professional development opportunities

For interested organisations:

  • access targeted, innovative and timely solutions to your research problem
  • share knowledge and expertise
  • explore collaborative opportunities
  • access to Curtin’s undergraduate and post graduate student network for tourism fieldwork

The TRC has a wealth of expertise on sustainable tourism & hospitality development, sustainable events development, and tourism, hospitality and events marketing, leading innovative and demand-driven research into a myriad of issues within these themes. Explore our research modules and contact us to discuss how we can help deliver research solutions to your tourism and hospitality queries.

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Development

  • Idea feasibility check: Market feasibility of tourism proposals
  • Prototyping and pilot testing product, service, and branding innovations
  • Strategic product development
  • Business model development for sustainable growth
  • Destination strategies
  • Resident support barometer
  • Tourism governance solutions
  • Carbon footprint analysis
  • Sustainable development goals (SDG) reporting
  • Analysing genius loci (spirit of a place)
  • Tourism policy & planning analysis
  • Tourism policy & planning advise
  • Accessibility check
  • Visitor tracking and dispersal analysis

Sustainable Event Development

  • Event viability and feasibility check
  • Volunteer program health check
  • Development of volunteer program (including recruitment)
  • Review of board processes, decision making and board diversity

Tourism, Hospitality and Events Marketing

  • Optimisation of visitor experience using consumer biometric techniques
  • Optimisation of marketing assets and campaigns such as television commercials, signage and digital content
  • Optimisation of digital user experience (UX)
  • Digital customer journey mapping