TRC Anniversary book

Western Australian Tourism Futures: Visions, Hopes and Dreams for Tourism in the Year 2032

This book celebrates the first ten years of the Curtin Tourism Research Cluster by looking forward to the next decade. It presents courageous, creative and innovative ideas that inspire readers to critically reflect on tourism development and sustainability in Western Australia.

The book’s diverse contributors offer reflections, strategies, aspirations and words of caution that have the potential to advance and transform tourism, hospitality and events in Western Australia and globally.

Western Australian Tourism Futures: Visions, Hopes and Dreams for Tourism in the Year 2032

Edited by Michael Volgger and Christina Lee

Copyright: 2023 Curtin University / Tourism Research Cluster.
Publisher: Curtin University
ISBN: 978-0-646-86813-4
Price: AUD29 (including GST)

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  • Mark Adams
  • Catrin Allsop
  • Sonia Beckwith
  • Derryn Belford
  • Dr Alan Briggs
  • Anneke Brown
  • Kevin Brown
  • Tracey Cinavas-Prosser
  • Jayde Conway
  • Hon. Roger Cook MLA
  • Dr Steve Crawford
  • Terrence Dewar
  • Professor Ross Dowling
  • Marcus Falconer
  • Campbell Fletcher
  • Professor Harlene Hayne
  • Professor Kirsten Holmes
  • Dr Michael Hughes
  • Professor Roy Jones
  • Associate Professor Tod Jones
  • David Kerr
  • Dr Christina Lee
  • Dr Sean Lee
  • Mat Lewis
  • Associate Professor Jim Macbeth
  • Ryan Mossny
  • Associate Professor David Newsome
  • David O’Malley
  • Professor Harald Pechlaner
  • Professor Christof Pforr
  • Professor Ian Phau
  • Professor Anne Poelina
  • Dr Kate Rodger
  • Dr Mariyam Shakeela
  • Lisa Shreeve
  • Dr Amanda Smith
  • John Stanley
  • Linda Stanley
  • Professor Billy Sung
  • Professor Ross Taplin
  • Robert Taylor
  • Carloyn Turnbull
  • Associate Professor Michael Volgger
  • Bradley Woods
  • Associate Professor Cecilia Xia
  • Federica Zampieron