Our projects

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The JCIPP’s research covers a number of key fields in public policy. Its recent research has focused on:

  • Australian Federalism, focusing on federal fiscal relations
  • Rural and regional development, with a special emphasis on the social implications of the mining boom
  • Energy and climate change
  • Policy practice and service delivery, with a special focus on housing
  • Science, innovation and technology policy
  • Socio-economic policy and performance in Western Australia, with particular attention on labour markets and skill shortages.

Within these programs, the Institute engages in self-directed research in areas of structural and applied public policy, and for this purpose will seek competitive grant funding from such bodies as theĀ Australian Research Council, as well as other research-funding sources.

This includes collaborative public policy research projects funded by government, the wider public sector, business and community interests. Its uniquely multidisciplinary capacity places it in an exceptionally strong position to undertake these types of public policy research.