Volume 14, 2011

Volume 14, Number 1

Michael Dobbie and Craig MacMillanEarnings, Occupations and Labour Market Experience in Australia; 1997-2005Download
Nicolas Herault, Weiping Kostenko, Gary Marks and Rezida ZakirovaThe Effects of Macroeconomic Conditions on the Education and Employment Outcomes of YouthDownload
Huy Quang VuImports and the Demand for Skilled and Unskilled Labour: The Australian ExperienceDownload
Thorsten StrombackThe Employment Effect of Intensive SupportDownload

Volume 14, Number 2 – Special Issue on the 11th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference

Matthew Gray and Boyd HunterIntroduction: Sustaining Families in Challenging Economic TimesDownload
Peter Whiteford, Gerry Redmond and Elizabeth AdamsonMiddle Class Welfare in Australia: How has the Distribution of Cash Benefits Changed Since the 1980s?Download
Jennifer Baxter and Jennifer RendaLone and Couple Mothers in the Australian Labour Market: Differences in Employment TransitionsDownload
Carolyn TroupIs Using Regular Flexible Leave Associated with Employee Wellbeing?Download
Janeen Baxter and Jenny ChestersPerceptions of Work-Family Balance: How Effective are Family Friendly Policies?Download
Matthew Gray, Matthew Taylor and Ben EdwardsUnemployment and the Wellbeing of Children Aged 5-10 YearsDownload
Trish Hill, Cathy Thomson and Bettina CassYoung Carers: Location, Education and Employment DisadvantageDownload
Ben Edwards, Matthew Gray and Boyd HunterThe Impact of Drought on CarersDownload

Volume 14, Number 3 – Special Issue for the 2010 Australian Labour Market Research (ALMR) Workshop

Boyd Hunter and Kostas MavromarasIntroductionDownload
Martin O'BrienDiscouraged Older Male Workers and the Discouraged Worker EffectDownload
Jennifer Poehl and Bruce CunninghamLabour Market Engagement of Mature-Age WorkersDownload
General papers
Alfred Michael Dockery, Rachel Ong and Gavin WoodMeasuring Work Disincentives: Taxes, Benefits and the Transition into EmploymentDownload
Michael Corliss and Phil LewisThe Economic Boom, Population and Structural Change and the Market for TradespersonsDownload
Guyonne Kalb and Sholeh MaaniHow Important are Omitted Variables, Censored Scores and Self-Selection in Analysing High-School Academic Achievement?Download