Volume 13, 2010

Volume 13, Number 1

Alfred Michael Dockery, Richard Seymour and Rachel OngLife on the Minimum Wage in Australia: An Empirical InvestigationDownload
Riyana Miranti, Ann Harding, Justine McNamara, Vu Quoc Ngu and Robert TantonChildren with Jobless Parents: National and Small Area Trends for Australia in the Past DecadeDownload
Ian WatsonDecomposing the Gender Pay Gap in the Australian Managerial Labour MarketDownload
John Creedy and Solmaz MoslehiThe Role of Home Production in Voting Over Taxes and ExpenditureDownload
Matthew Gray and David StantonCosts of Children and Equivalence Scales: a Review of Methodological Issues and Australian EstimatesDownload

Volume 13, Number 2

Joan R. Rodgers and John L. RodgersChronic and Transitory Poverty over the Life CycleDownload
Michael Dobbie and Craig MacMillanInternal Labour Markets in Australia: Evidence from the Survey of Education and Training ExperienceDownload
John CreedyEducation Vouchers and Labour SupplyDownload
Nicholas BiddleProximity to Labour Markets: Revisiting Indigenous Employment Through an Analysis of Census Place of Work DataDownload
Eugenio Zucchelli, Andrew M. Jones, Nigel Rice and Anthony HarrisThe Effects of Health Shocks on Labour Market Exits: Evidence from the HILDA SurveyDownload

Volume 13, Number 3

Tim Maloney and Gail PachecoInterpreting Changes in Minimum Wage Incidence RatesDownload
Thorsten StrombackEarnings, Schooling and Vocational Education and TrainingDownload
Peng YuDisability and Disadvantage: a Study of a Cohort of Australian YouthDownload
Benjamin J. StephensThe Determinants of Labour force Status among Indigenous AustraliansDownload
Nicholas BiddleIndigenous Migration and the Labour Market: A Cautionary TaleDownload
Dean R. Hyslop and David C. MareThe Annual Employment Mix of Workers and Firms, and the Part-time Earnings Gap in New ZealandDownload