Volume 12, 2009

Volume 12, Number 1
Thematic Issue on the 10th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference

Matthew Gray and Boyd Hunter Introduction: Families through Life: Selected Issues for Labour EconomistsDownload
Matthew Gray and Ben EdwardsDeterminants of the Labour Force Status of Female CarersDownload
Peter Saunders and Anna ZhuComparing Disadvantage and Well-Being in Australian FamiliesDownload
Ann Harding, Justine McNamara, Anne Daly and Robert TantonChild Social Exclusion: An Updated Index From the 2006 CensusDownload
Jennifer Renda, Janeen Baxter and Michael AlexanderExploring the Work-Family Policies Mothers Say Would Help After the Birth of a ChildDownload
Jenny Chesters, Janeen Baxter and Mark WesternPaid and Unpaid Work in Australian Households: Trends in the Gender Division of Labour, 1986-2005Download
Ben Edwards, Matthew Gray and Boyd HunterA Sunburnt Country: The Economic and Financial Impact of Drought on Rural and Regional Families in Australia in an Era of Climate ChangeDownload

Volume 12, Number 2
Government Managing Risk Through Income Contingent Loans Conference

Bruce Chapman and Boyd H. HunterIntroduction: Exploring Creative Appliances of Income Contingent LoansDownload
Amanda Denniss, Meng Yuan and Glenn WithersInnovation Financing and Use of Income Contingent LoansDownload
Bruce Chapman, Tim Higgins and Dehne TaylorIncome Contingent Loans for Mature Aged TrainingDownload
Linda Courtenay Botterill and Bruce ChapmanA Revenue Contingent Loan Instrument for Agricultural Credit with Particular Reference to Drought ReliefDownload
Bruce Chapman and Tim HigginsAn Income Contingent Loan for Extending Paid Parental LeaveDownload
Tim Higgins and Glenn WithersCommunity Attitudes to Income Contingent LoansDownload
Bob GregoryMusing and Memories on the Introduction of HEC's and Where to Next on Income Contingent LoansDownload

Volume 12, Number 3

Boyd HunterPrefaceDownload
Peter SiminskiDo Government Benefits for High Income Retirees Encourage Saving?Download
N. Biddle, J. Taylor and M. YapAre the Gaps Closing? - Regional Trends and Forecasts of Indigenous EmploymentDownload
Sheree J. Gibb, David M. Fergusson and L.John HorwoodSources of the Gender Wage Gap in a New Zealand Birth CohortDownload
Nerina Vecchio, Paul A. Scuffham and Michael F. HiltonMental Health and Hours Worked Among NursesDownload
Toshiki TamaiEmployment, Fiscal Policy and Oligopsonistic Labour MarketDownload