Volume 11, 2008

Volume 11, Number 1

Daniel Perkins, Rosanna Scutella and Paul FlatauIntroduction to the Special Issue on Low Paid Work in Australia, Realities and ResponsesDownload
Joan R. Rodgers and Douglas RobsonTravail to No Avail? Working Poverty in Australia Since 2000Download
Iain Campbell and Manu PeetersLow Pay, Compressed Schedules and High Work Intensity: A Study of Contract Cleaners in AustraliaDownload
Anthony D. LaMontagne, Deborah Vallance and Tessa KeegelOccupational Skill Level and Hazardous Exposures among Working VictoriansDownload
Ian WatsonLow Paid Jobs and Unemployment: Churning in the Australian Labour Market, 2001 to 2006Download
Daniel Perkins and Rosanna ScutellaImproving Employment Retention and Advancement of Low-Paid WorkersDownload

Volume 11, Number 2

Kostas MavromarasIntroduction to the Special Issue on papers presented at the December 2007 Australian Labour Market Research WorkshopDownload
Anton Hallam and Ernst Juerg WeberLabour Taxes and Work Hours in AustraliaDownload
Donatella CavagnoliAddiction to Work: An Inelastic Wage Elasticity of Labour Supply Equals Long Hours of WorkDownload
Marcia Keegan and Michael CorlissThe Labour Force Participation of Young Mothers versus Older MothersDownload
Geoff Perry and Tim MaloneyEconomic Evaluation of the Training Opportunities Programme in New ZealandDownload

Volume 11, Number 3

Scott Baum and William MitchellAdequate Employment, Underutilisation and Unemployment: an Analysis of Labour Force Outcomes for Australian YouthDownload
Alfred Michael Dockery, Rachel Ong, Paul Flatau and Gavin A. WoodAn Analysis of the Impact of Tax and Welfare Reform Measures on Effective Marginal Tax Rates in Australia 1982-2002Download
James Giesecke and G.A. MeagherPopulation Ageing and Structural AdjustmentDownload
John CreedyA Note on Discounting and the Social Time Preference RateDownload
John CreedyPedagogic Paper:
Choosing the Tax Rate in a Linear Income Tax Structure