Volume 9, 2006

Volume 9, Number 1

Boyd HunterIntroduction to Special Issue on the 2002 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey (NATSISS)Download
Matthew Gray and Bruce ChapmanSome Labour Market Measurement Issues for Indigenous AustraliansDownload
Jon Altman, Geoff Buchanan and Nicholas BiddleMeasuring the 'Real' Indigenous Economy in Remote Australia Using NATSISS 2002Download
Nicholas Biddle and Boyd H. HunterSome Methodological Issues for the 2002 NATSISSDownload
Boyd HunterFurther Skirmishes in the Poverty War: Income Status and Financial Stress among Indigenous Australians Download
Russell RossRecent Evidence on Health and Employment Status for Indigenous AustraliaDownload
Bob GregoryIndigenous Employment and the Hard Policy Choices Download

Volume 9, Number 2

Boyd Hunter & Paul FlatauNew Perspectives on the Labour Market: Extending Analysis using ABS CURFsDownload
Elisa Rose BirchThe Public-Private Sector Earnings Gap in Australia: A Quantile Regression ApproachDownload
Justine McNamara, Rebecca Cassells, Ann Harding and Rachel LloydTrends in Child Care Use and Cost Between 1999 and 2002+Download
Bruce BradburyDisadvantage Among Australian Young MothersDownload
Nicholas BiddleDoes it Pay for Indigenous Youth To go to School? Variation in the Predicted Economic Benefits of High SchoolDownload
Pauline HalchukMeasuring Employment Outcomes for Indigenous AustraliansDownload
Boyd HunterFurther Exploration of the Role of Crime in Indigenous Employment StatusDownload
William Mitchell and Anthea BillWho Benefits from Growth? Disadvantaged Workers in Growing RegionsDownload

Volume 9, Number 3

Anne Daly, Don Fleming and Phil LewisA Cohort Analysis of the Private Rate of Return to Higher Education in AustraliaDownload
Robert Dixon and Muhammad MahmoodUnemployment Rate Dispersion in Melbourne: The 'Regional' DimensionDownload
Jenny N. Lye and Ian M. McDonaldUnion Power and Australia's Inflation Barrier, 1965:4 to 2003:3Download
Siobhan Austen and Richard SeymourThe Evolution of the Female Labour Force Participation Rate in Australia, 1984-1999Download

Volume 9, Number 4

Nicholas Biddle and Boyd HunterAn Analysis of the Internal Migration of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous AustraliansDownload
Leonora RisseDoes Maternity Leave Encourage Higher Birth Rates? An Analysis of the Australian Labour ForceDownload
Roger WilkinsPersonal and Job Characteristics Associated with UnderemploymentDownload
Matthew Gray, Lixia Qu, Jennifer Renda and David de Vaus Changes in the Labour Force Status of Lone and Couple Australian Mothers, 1983-2005Download
Aydogan UlkerNon-Standard Work Schedules and Health Outcomes in Australia: Some Evidence from the HILDA PanelDownload