Volume 8, 2005

Volume 8, Number 1

David PeetzTrend Analysis of Union MembershipDownload
Robert Dixon, John Freebairn and G.C. LimAn Examination of Net Flows in the Australian Labour MarketDownload
L.J. Perry and Patrick J. WilsonThe Decline of Seasonality in Australian Quarterly Aggregate Strike Statistics: 1983-2003 Download
John Creedy and Guyonne KalbSurvey Article: Behavioural Microsimulation Modelling for Tax Policy Analysis in Australia: Experience and ProspectsDownload

Volume 8, Number 2 – Negotiating the Life Course Symposium

Contributed papers
Trevor Breuch and Edith GrayIntroductionDownload
Ingrid LinsleyCauses of Overeducation in the Australian Labour MarketDownload
Brigid van WanrooyAdapting to the Lifecourse? Evaluating Men and Women's Working-time Preferences Download
Mark Western, Belinda Hewitt and Janeen Baxter Marriage and Money: Variations across the Earnings DistributionDownload
Unrelated papers
Michael DobbieThe Insider-Outsider Theory: Some Evidence from AustraliaDownload
Stephen Whelan and Anu RammohanChild Care and Female DecisionsDownload

Volume 8, Number 3

Esteban Sanroma and Raul RamosFurther Evidence on Disaggregated Wage Curves: The Case of SpainDownload
Wei-Bin ZhangA Two-Sector Growth Model with Labour SupplyDownload
Hikaru OgawaThe Distribution of House Income in MarriageDownload
John Creedy and Alan DuncanAggregating labour supply and feedback effects in MicrosimulationDownload

Volume 8, Number 4

Bridget Daldy and John GibsonIs Computing Different? Comparing the Determinants of Computer-Related and Other Subject Matter Training in New ZealandDownload
Thorsten Stromback and A.M. DockeryStraight to Work or a Traineeship: A Comparison of Two PathwaysDownload
Sue O'Keefe, Lin Crase, Brian Dollery and Darryl MayberyUnderstanding the Education Choices of Public Sector Employees: The Relative Importance of Time and MoneyDownload
Louise CarterLabour Market Responses to the Abolition of Compulsory SuperannuationDownload