Volume 7, 2004

Volume 7, Number 1
Special Issue on Microsimulation Models in Policy Making

Guyonne KalbIntroduction: The Use of Simulation Models in Policy AnalysisDownload
Nicolaas Groenewold and A.J. HaggerRegional Unemployment Disparities: Can Fiscal Policy Help?Download
Peter B. Dixon and Glyn WittwerForecasting the Economic Impact of an Industrial Stoppage using a Dynamic, Computable General Equilibrium ModelDownload
Matthew Toohey and Gillian BeerFinancial Incentives to Work for Married Mothers under a New Tax SystemDownload
John Creedy and Ivan TuckwellReweighting Household Surveys for ta Microsimulation Modelling: An Application to the New Zealand Household Economic SurveyDownload
John Creedy and Rosanna ScutellaThe Role of The Unit of Analysis in Tax Policy Reform Evaluations of Inequality and Social WelfareDownload

Volume 7, Number 2
Special Issue on Understanding Labour Market Dynamics in Australia: Using the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey

Bruce Chapman, Paul Flatau and Peter KenyonThe Household, Income and labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey Special Issue: Case Studies in Labour EconomicsDownload
Trevor Breusch and Edith GrayNew Estimates of Mothers' Forgone Earnings Using HILDA DataDownload
Peter Butterworth, Timothy Crosier and Bryan RodgersMental Health Problems, Disability and Income Support Receipt: A Replication and Extension Using the HILDA SurveyDownload
Alfred Michael DockeryLooking Inside the Unemployment SpellDownload
Prem J. ThapaOn the Risk of Unemployment: A Comparative Assessment of the Labour Market Success of Migrants in AustraliaDownload
Joan R. RodgersHourly Wages of Full-time and Part-time Employees in Australia Download
Matthew Gray, Lixia Qu, David Stanton and Ruth WestonLong Work Hours and the Wellbeing of Fathers and their FamiliesDownload
Edmond Hsu, Justine Gibbings and Tom MorrisonPaid Employment Participation After Leaving Full-time Education the First TimeDownload
Nicole Watson and Mark WoodenSample Attrition in the HILDA SurveyDownload

Volume 7, Number 3

Alison Preston and Gillian WhitehouseGender Segregation in the Labour Market:
Gender Differences in Occupation of Employment within Australia
Jane HarrisonHow Segregated are Australian Workplaces? Evidence from the Australian Industrial Workplace Relations SurveyDownload
Yew Liang Lee and Paul MillerOccupational Segregation on the Basis of Gender: the Role of Entry-level JobsDownload
Lixin Cai and Robert G. Gregory Income Support Programs and Labour Market Outcomes:
Labour Market Conditions, Applications and Grants of Disability Support Pension (DSP) in Australia
Peter Saunders and Judith BrownExplaining Welfare to Work Transitions Among the Unemployed Download

Volume 7, Number 4

Keith HancockDistinguished Labour Economist Essay:
Economists and Australian Wage Policy Before World War II
Ann Hodgkinson and Nelson PereraStrike Activity Under Enterprise Bargaining: Economics or Politics?Download
Patrick J. Wilson and L.J. PerryForecasting Australian Unemployment Rates Using Spectral Analysis Download
Chris Ryan and Louise WatsonYear 12 Completion and Retention in Australia in the 1990s Download
Robert Dixon and G.C. LimThe Incidence of Long-term Unemployment in Australia 1978-2003Download
Ranald J. TaylorCan Labour-Savings, Capital-Intensive Production Techniques Reduce Unemployment Rates in Developing Countries: Evidence from MalaysiaDownload