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The Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory aims to align its research with Western Australia industry initiatives around digital enablement and accelerating the implementation of blockchain solutions across the industries and government agencies.

We will be undertaking research projects and exploring potential use cases from a cross section of industries, to solve complex problems and issues including:

  • Loss of traceability in supply chains of Food, Agriculture and Mining
  • Elimination of counterfeit drugs in the pharmaceutical supply chain and enable returns of unused genuine medicine for social causes
  • Handling of fraud effectively across various claims
  • Enabling patients to carry historical records of their health for faster treatment
  • Connecting distributed energy resources and storage to build transparent energy grids
  • Enabling the sharing of useful information across government agencies and accelerate smart city development
  • Finding breakthrough solutions for blockchain interoperability
Use cases for blockchain

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In addition to the above research areas, we encourage client organizations, research organizations and other universities to collaborate with us and embark on joint research projects to solve real life challenges using Blockchain and other digital technologies.

To find out more or to initiate a research request, please get in touch.