Vidy Potdar
Director – BRDL
Vidyasagar Potdar is the Director of the Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory (BRDL) at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. With a team of 15 researchers and developers, Vidyasagar focuses on investigating, creating, and implementing blockchain and IoT solutions for various industries and government entities. Under his leadership, the Blockchain Laboratory has successfully delivered 12 blockchain projects across sectors such as agriculture, sustainability, mining, art, healthcare, supply chain, photography, and recycling in Australia.
Srinivas Boyapati
Managing Director – Natsoft Consulting Australia
Srinivas Boyapati is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in Industrial Control Systems, Information and Operations Technology. He has successfully delivered large complex integration programs and solutions using various methodologies and technologies across industries and geographical locations. With comprehensive understanding of technological trends in IIoT, Blockchain, and Data Analytics, Srinivas brings extensive expertise to his role as the Managing Director of Natsoft Consulting Australia.

Natsoft Team

Shyam R Mamidi
Director, Natsoft Corporation
25 years of Industry, Management and IT Consulting experience, Ex- Partner & VP at IBM
Sai Charan Mamidi
Blockchain Solution Architect, Natsoft Consulting Pty Ltd
Sai Charan is a Blockchain Solution Architect with over 5 years of experience in designing and developing blockchain solutions with an overall experience of 8+ years. Sai holds a patent in Blockchain granted by IP Australia. Also won several programming competitions and Hackathons.
Adi Kota
Advisor, Natsoft Consulting Pty Ltd
An experienced Management and Consultancy professional with 20+ years of ICT experience predominantly in energy and utilities sector.
Gopal Bang
Business Development Manager, Natsoft Consulting Pty Ltd
15 years of experience spread across Finance, Operations, Business Development and Blockchain solutions for Governments & Enterprises

PHD Candidates

Anulipt Chandan
Doctor of Philosophy – Information Systems
Anulipt Chandan, a BRDL PhD candidate, specialises in blockchain technology’s role in achieving food supply chain sustainability, as evident in his recent publication, “Achieving UN SDGs in Food Supply Chain Using Blockchain Technology.” With a Doctor of Philosophy from Curtin University in Information Systems, Anulipt possesses a diverse skill set, including Sustainable Development, Quantitative Research, and Web Application Development, all contributing to his mission of revolutionising the food industry’s sustainability practices.
Abubakar Mohammed
Doctor of Philosophy – Information Systems
Abubakar Mohammed, a dedicated BRDL PhD candidate, focuses his research on the transformative potential of blockchain technology in food supply chains (FSCs). His work delves into the factors driving blockchain adoption within FSCs and its consequential impact, as evidenced by his contributions to research articles exploring this domain. Abubakar’s academic journey unfolds at Curtin Business School,  Curtin University where he passionately advances his expertise in blockchain technology with the aim of enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of food supply chains.


Fizza Kamran
Multimedia Specialist
Fizza Kamran is a seasoned marketing professional with a knack for content creation, trend identification, and strategic planning. With expertise in social media, influencer collaboration, and target achievement, she plays a vital role in enhancing and maintaining BRDL’s online presence. Fizza’s skills in SEO optimisation, ad copywriting, and email marketing contribute significantly to BRDL’s success.
Cherry Hung
UI/UX Designer
Cherry Hung, our UI/UX Designer, is a creative force behind the seamless and user-friendly interfaces at Curtin BRDL. With a passion for design and a keen eye for detail, Cherry crafts visually appealing and intuitive experiences for our users. Additionally, Cherry’s multifaceted talents extend to content creation, where she contributes her design skills to enhance our content’s visual appeal and engagement.
Tarun Kota
IT Analyst
Tarun Kota, our versatile IT Analyst, plays a pivotal role at Curtin BRDL. With expertise spanning IT, design, marketing, and a flair for management, Tarun effectively bridges the gap between technology and creativity. His exceptional ability to bring ideas to life, combined with his strong management skills, ensures successful collaboration with our technical team, turning concepts into reality.
Libana Mary Arokiaraj
Software Tester
Libana Mary is an integral part of our team at Curtin BRDL, serving as a dedicated Software Tester. With her expertise in testing and research activities, Libana ensures the reliability and quality of our projects. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence contribute significantly to our research and development efforts.

Professional Staff

Cecilia Braun
Business Operations Coordinator
Cecilia Braun, a valued member of our Curtin Professional Staff, serves as the Business Operations Coordinator at BRDL. Her pivotal role involves overseeing day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth coordination of meetings and events, and maintaining the efficiency of our workspace. Cecilia’s meticulous organisational skills and dedication play a crucial part in our team’s success.


Computer Science Intern
Namash, our Computer Science intern, is pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science at Curtin University.  His current focus extends to Digital Marketing and the application of AI in biotechnology advancements and stem cell therapy.  With a keen interest in blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning, he brings enthusiasm for innovative research to BRDL.
Liyuan Zhang 
Computer Science Intern
Liyuan Zhang, our Computer Science Intern, is a Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics and Statistics at Curtin University, specialising in blockchain technology research. With a strong academic foundation in Industrial Engineering and Science, she brings a multidisciplinary approach to our team. Liyuan excels in developing smart contracts using Solidity, and her proficiency extends to web development, Python, JavaScript, deep learning, and machine learning.
Tanuja Mantena
Information Systems Intern
Tanuja Mantena, our Information Systems Intern, is a passionate MCOM student with a specialisation in Information Systems, complementing her background in Business Administration with a focus on Finance. Proficient in JavaScript, Python, SQL, and data analysis tools like Canva, she leverages AI tools to optimise her tasks efficiently. With a keen eye for data analysis and visualisation, Tanuja excels in crafting systematic and effective solutions.
Sri Pavan Krishna Angadala
Data Science Intern
Sri Pavan Krishna Angadala, our Data Science Intern, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Predictive Analytics with a specialisation in Data Science, building upon a strong foundation in Mechanical Engineering. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and hands-on experience in Full Stack Development, Pavan brings a distinctive and well-rounded perspective to their work. His expertise spans cutting-edge technologies, including AI, ML, and LLM’s, with proficiency in Python and Scikit libraries.
Badrinath Reddy
Information Systems Intern
Badrinath Reddy, our Information Systems Intern, is a forward-thinking professional pursuing a Master’s in Commerce with a specialisation in Information Systems and Technology. Combining business acumen from his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, focused on Marketing, with technical expertise, Badrinath is proficient in Python, SQL, Canva, and Adobe, effectively wielding creative tools.