Industry Engagement

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Consultancy & Advisory Services

The Blockchain Research and Development Lab provides blockchain consulting and advisory services, designed to help you capitalise on this new economy and provide you the necessary direction to be ahead of the industry.

Our consulting services will enable industry clientele to:

  • Stay up to date on the latest developments in blockchain technology
  • Learn about all aspects of developing a blockchain solution
  • Understand, drive, and draw from our range of blockchain products and services
  • Develop a blockchain technology strategy and roadmap

Blockchain Training Program

We also provide consultative blockchain training services, developed by some of the thought leaders in blockchain. Our training programs are ideal for businesses at all levels of technical understanding – even if you’ve only just heard of blockchain and simply want to explore how it relates to the current business climate. Check out our Blockchain Training Program!

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If you are interested in our consultancy & advisory services or organising training for your organisation please get in touch.