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Global training

CIET runs training programs to offer opportunities for the next generation of students and researchers to develop the skills they will need for the energy transition.

These training courses are a global collaborative effort, bringing together institutions from Australasia, Asia, Africa and North America. Training is coordinated by the Energy and Development Theme Leader at the Curtin Institute of Energy Transition, with support from representatives of each participating university.


The working group, comprised of designated points of contact from each university, is crucial in supporting this skill transfer workshop’s design, implementation, and evaluation.


We will run regular online skill-transfer training sessions to share information and expertise in a range of areas within the energy transition space.


For every training course, we will run an introductory keynote presentation with an expert in the area.

Contact information

Dr Bishal Bharadwaj is the Energy and Development theme lead at Curtin Institute for Energy Transition and the first point of contact for this project.