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Renewable energy

We’re looking for ways to bring down the cost of renewable options and to create a reliable supply of energy.

Areas of focus

  • Photovoltaic (PV) technology
  • Solar thermal, geothermal and wind energy
  • Fuel cells, batteries and other storage methods
  • Design, integration and planning of renewable energy systems
  • Smart energy management for buildings
  • Decarbonisation of the chemical industry 
  • Integration of renewable electricity into chemical manufacturing 

Impact and outcomes

  • Established GEEP (Green Electric Energy Park) to facilitate advances in renewable energy research
  • Created SpiroPak technology to reduce the environmental impact of the resources industry
  • Development of the concept of Urban Renewable Energy Zones (UREZ) to support the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into reliable and competitive energy systems
  • Design and implementation of modular remote-area hybrid microgrids to improve the delivery of renewable and affordable energy to areas outside major cities
  • Leading industry-focused group in the area of low-energy decarbonisation solutions
  • Leading research facility (Australia and worldwide) for solid oxide electrochemical cell research