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Carbon removal

Creating renewable energy is only one part of the net zero equation – developing methods to remove excess CO₂ in our atmosphere is equally critical.

Areas of focus

  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)
  • CO₂ geological storage technology
  • Subsurface carbon storage
  • Soil carbon sequestration
  • Impacts of global change on soil carbon capture and storage

Impact and outcomes

  • Development of energy saving schemes for CO₂ capture from flue gases via vacuum swing absorption (VSA)/cryogenics method
  • Successfully patented membrane/cryogenics CO₂ capture method
  • Creation of CCUS Continuing Practical Development (CPD) course
  • Advancement of knowledge in the area of soil carbon sequestration to contribute to the development of cost-effective and efficient sequestration methods
  • Improved understanding and prediction of how soil responds to environmental and anthropogenic change to prevent further soil damage and mitigate climate change effects