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View of pristine blue-green water in shifting red deposition of sediment gradually moving through alluvial plains of locations surrounding Francois Peron National Park in Western Australia.

Curtin Institute for Energy Transition

Australia’s First Peoples carry wisdom and culture that offer rich insights into sustainable living and caring for the natural world. In creating the Institute for Energy Transition, we turn to and recognise Whadjuk elders past, present and future as Traditional Custodians of the country on which we work together.

Happy young and old farmers or gardeners working outdoors at a community farm.

Sustainability means living together differently

Each of us has a role to play in a sustainable future. We’re creating one shared platform for research, teaching, and outreach activities about the transition to sustainable, safe and clean energy. A platform to inspire us to think differently.

About us

The Institute for Energy Transition (IET) brings together artists and writers, biologists and geologists, engineers and physicists, and philosophers and social scientists – to learn from each other and look at energy in a new way.

Our research

Safe and affordable energy is key to all life. But bringing about a sustainable energy future requires new knowledge and understanding. We’re facilitating multidisciplinary research to learn from each other, look at energy in a new way, and facilitate the energy transition.

Our teaching

Facilitating research is not enough – to realise and sustain a new energy future, we must also train the next generation of problem solvers and educate the community about their role in the energy transition.

Our research themes

Our research spans many disciplines but is consistently focused on generating creative ideas, solutions and insights that support the energy transition.

Wind turbines generating wind energy

Renewable energy

We’re looking for ways to bring down the cost of renewable energy while creating reliable power supply.

Revegetation using eucalyptus trees in Australia

Carbon removal and natural capital

We’re developing emission offset technologies such as carbon capture and storage, carbon utilisation, and ways to convert biomass into fuels and hydrogen.

Solar thermal energy plant with a circular array of collectors. Clean energy, modern technology concept. Digital 3D render.

Energy systems and digitisation

We’re developing methods for sustainable and regenerative designs for the urban and built environment.

Models of molecule hydrogen floating against blue background

Hydrogen economy

We’re working on hydrogen production, conversion, storage, transport and use as well as economic and policy instruments to expand the hydrogen industry and increase the uptake of green, renewable hydrogen.

Blue screen digital scan oil rig building,3D rendering

Oil and gas in transition

We’re identifying and analysing appropriate policy and regulatory designs for a just energy transition in areas traditionally engaged in oil and gas.

Aerial photo of a backhoe on a mine site

Mining and minerals for a low carbon future

We’re exploring the best ways to maximise our mineral resources towards a low-carbon future.

Abstract icon representing the ecological call to recycle and reuse in the form of a pond with a recycling symbol in the middle of a beautiful untouched jungle. 3d rendering.

Circular economy

We’re looking at the best ways to responsibly address the circular economy challenge while designing regulatory and accounting frameworks for circularity and sustainability on a global scale.

Business financial concept with double exposure stock market up trading line graph and line chart with coins background.

Energy markets

We’re investigating technical, social, financial and regulatory factors that may support or impede investment in energy transitions.

Children drawing art class outdoors

Energy humanities

We’re investigating the role energy plays in shaping society, and vice versa.

Young female student of business school with tablet on the urban background

Society and governance

We’re investigating the social and regulatory factors that may support or impede the energy transition.