Programs and Software

Heavy Mineral Sand Toolbox

A Heavy Mineral Sand Toolbox to mineral sands exploration: Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to minimize exploration risks through understanding of complex grain histories

  • The Timescales of Mineral Systems Group presents an integrated toolkit for understanding mineral sands through geochronology, geochemistry, and grain shape analysis. This work was supported by MRIWA grant M551:


A Python application for zircon grain image segmentation and shape analysis

  • Scharf, T., Kirkland, C. L., Daggitt, M. L., Barham, M., & Puzyrev, V. (2022). AnalyZr: A Python application for zircon grain image segmentation and shape analysis. Computers & Geosciences, 162, 105057. IF: 3.372 doi:


An application to process U-Th disequilibrium data from the SHRIMP II instrument

  • Marsden, R. C., Kirkland, C. L., Danišík, M., Daggitt, M. L., Ahn, U.-S., Friedrichs, B., & Evans, N. J. (2022). A new approach to SHRIMP II zircon U-Th disequilibrium dating. Computers & Geosciences, 158, 104947. IF: 3.372 doi:

U-Pb Unmixer

An application to extract meaningful U-Pb ages from mixed analyses following some verifiable assumptions

  • Olierook, H. K. H., Kirkland, C. L., Barham, M., Daggitt, M. L., Hollis, J., & Hartnady, M. (2021). Extracting meaningful U-Pb ages from core–rim mixtures. Gondwana Research, 92, 102-112. IF: 6.302 doi: