Timescales of Mineral Systems Group

Est. in 2015, the Timescales of Mineral Systems Group combines >40 years of experience in innovative geochemistry and geochronology pertinent to geological processes underpinning mineral endowment. Packaged as ChronoTrace, we apply isotopic tools to resolve geological uncertainty via customised projects with accessible outputs to meet industry needs. Reduce your exploration risk by understanding your mineral system.

Drive your exploration success with ChronoTrace

Reduce your exploration risk by understanding your mineral system with ChronoTrace.


Minerals are identified, contextualised and quantified using automated mineral analysis.


State-of-the-art instruments rapidly and accurately analyse targeted minerals, obtaining age, geochemical, and isotopic signatures.


Timely, accessible reports enable informed exploration decisions.

ChronoTrace: tools and focus

  • U/Pb geochronology (zircon, baddeleyite, monazite, titanite, rutile, apatite and more)
  • Lu/Hf isotope geochemistry (zircon, baddeleyite)
  • Pb/Pb isotope geochemistry (K-feldspar, whole-rock, sulphides)
  • In situ Rb/Sr geochronology (biotite, muscovite, K-feldspar)
  • Sm/Nd and Rb/Sr isotope geochemistry (whole-rock and mineral)
  • Trace elements (all minerals)
  • (U–Th)/He thermochronology (zircon, apatite).
  • Wide range of other isotopic techniques for dating geological material and fluid source tracing.

Applications of ChronoTrace

  • Direct and indirect dating of host rock, deformation, mineralisation and alteration
  • Spatial and temporal distribution of crustal anomalies (conduits)
  • Provenance and crustal/basin evolution
  • Fingerprinting mineralization, isotopic characteristics and revealing ore deposit evolution

ChronoTrace example: Isotopic mapping of the crust

Animation of Hf isotopic signature in zircon grains across South Western Australia over nearly two thousand million years. Those areas highlighted in red indicate new mantle input, consistent with extension on the margin of the ancient Yilgarn Craton and development of an ocean on its eastern side.

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