Electrical engineering research groups

Electrical Engineering have a number of research groups with current research projects. These groups include:

Communication Technology and Signal Processing

Signal Processing is concerned with manipulating of a signal’s form. Manipulating of a signal’s form occurs in telecommunications, computer engineering, biomedical engineering as well as multimedia systems. A mobile phone is one such example. Before the voice is transmitted, it is changed into waveform suitable for transmission. At the receiver’s end it is changed back into the original voice signal.

Embedded Systems and System Technologies Research Group

An embedded system is dedicated to a specific task. Engineers can optimise it to reduce its size and cost while increasing the reliability and performance. These systems range from portable handheld devices like mp3 players to large stationary ones such as traffic lights. Their complexity varies from low, with a single microcontroller to those with multiple units, peripherals and networks.

Renewable Energy and Power Systems Research Group

Australia’s energy mix is rapidly moving towards one that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This group researches the next generation of technologies for renewable energy production. Power generation and managing how it is used or needed and delivered can improve energy efficiency and minimise consumption.

Current research projects

  • Smart grid for energy management in buildings and home automation
  • Smart grid for plug-in vehicles and low-carbon transportation alternatives
  • Smart grid for cyber and physical security systems
  • Smart grid for distributed energy resources
  • Smart grid for energy savings and financial management
  • Smart grid for intelligent monitoring and outage management
  • Power Electronics applications in Renewable Energy. FACTS and Energy Storage
  • Fuel Cell Dynamics and Modelling
  • Power systems reliability
  • Power system transients
  • Condition monitoring of transformers and diagnostics
  • Power quality and harmonics
  • Optimisation,modelling and control of Electric Machines and Transformers
  • Artificial intelligence applications to Power Systems

Wireless Instrumentation and Networks Research Group

This research entails exploring the future of wireless communication technologies. Wireless solutions are explored and researched that are capable of robust and reliable communication.