Digital technology is increasingly important across all industries.

Curtin has steadily been building capacity in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, virtual reality, robotics and the internet of things, and exploring their possibilities across a variety of interdisciplinary and cross-industry applications. We facilitate industry collaboration through our world-class facilities and centres, preparing our partners for the future of an ever-changing digital landscape.

Our research specialities include:

  • Robotics and automation
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Immersive media
  • Cyber security
  • Internet of things and sensor technology
  • Data Science

Robotics and automation

  • We’re the first Australian University to trial a commercial driverless bus on campus; technology which will be used to inform the development of autonomous vehicles in a variety of industries and applications.
  • Our Biorobotics Research Lab focuses on autonomous robotic manipulation, enhancement of image-guided neurosurgery, and rehabilitative and assistive technology, such as a full hand orthosis that helps people with weak fingers manage everyday tasks and a leg exoskeleton to allow people with spinal cord injuries to walk again.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Our researchers working in Innovation Central Perth and the Optus-Curtin Centre for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence have specialised experience in applying artificial intelligence to business processes, and are working across industries on a variety of projects.
  • Curtin researchers developed a world-first smartphone app that reads the faces on non-verbal patients, such as those with dementia, to assess pain levels. The app was acquired by PainChek Ltd in 2016.
  • Our machine learning expertise extends to astronomy and earth sciences, such as the Desert Fireball Network, which uses a network of 50 optical cameras across Australia to detect possible meteorites, supernovae and space junk.

Immersive media

  • The Curtin HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) enables meaningful interpretation, presentation and communication of data via a wide range of displays and mixed reality headsets, for use in everything from physical therapy to exploring Martian landscapes and underwater shipwrecks
  • Our Consumer Research Lab uses large-scale displays to present 360-degree images and videos to immerse consumers in different retail environments, facilitating detailed research on consumer behaviour.

Cyber security

  • Curtin researchers developed a security software shield that can prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, tackling the real threat of cyber security attacks which can cause significant economic and reputational damage to organisations and governments worldwide.

Internet of things and sensor technology

  • The new Cisco Curtin Centre for Networks will conduct blue-sky research to develop a new generation of network applications based on the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Through Innovation Central Perth, Curtin is working with National Energy Resource Australia to develop and deploy sensor technology in the energy and resources supply chain.
  • Curtin researchers are developing new methods and algorithms for remote vehicle operation such as GNSS attitude determination, which has applications in navigation of space platforms, unmanned vehicle guidance, vessel docking and precision farming.

Data Science

  • The Curtin Institute for Computation initiates and fosters collaborative, interdisciplinary research and education across computing; engineering; and physical, health and social sciences to provide innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • The ARC Training Centre for Transforming Maintenance through Data Science brings together researchers from Curtin, UWA and CSIRO and industry partners Alcoa, BHP and Roy Hill to develop data science solutions to industry challenges and ensure efficient and effective maintenance execution.
  • Curtin is a joint venture partner in the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, one of the fastest supercomputers in the southern hemisphere, and hosting the world’s only real-time supercomputing service dedicated to telescopes used in astronomy research.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration is key to emerging and digital technology research, and is showcased by our portfolio of diverse, global partnerships across industry, government and other research institutions, including: