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Our vision is to carry out applied research and development projects of national and global relevance, focusing on how blockchain and other disruptive technologies that are transforming the world we live in today.

Our mission is to build academic collaborations with other universities and blockchain research organisations from across the globe to serve the needs of industries which are looking to transform their business through innovative blockchain solutions.

  • We aim to provide training and mentoring opportunities for scholars who are interested in pursuing research in this area, and provide them with a unique experience of how research and development work hand in hand for implementing solutions based on industry needs.
  • We will up skill and prepare the workforce for a blockchain based economy by providing relevant education and training programs.
  • Our objective is to create an opportunity for academics, scholars, students, faculty, scientists and entrepreneurs to come together to create and deploy technology that positively impacts industry and governments, and prepares them for digital transformation.

The Blockchain Research and Development Lab (BRDL) is a hub for the research, design and development of implementable blockchain solutions for industry problems.

The BRDL proactively works with Industry Partners to discuss challenges through our ongoing research, and will also develop solutions based on requests from the industry and government agencies.

Our work focuses on blockchain, distributed ledger and cryptocurrency related solutions, and will extend to associated technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data and analytics where appropriate.

The BRDL intends to develop close collaborations with industry and government bodies to proactively discuss and address current issues, either through existing blockchain platforms and associated digital technologies, or by carrying out further research to create new solutions.

Our lab will offer students and researchers the opportunity to gain practical knowledge, by participating in the end-to-end lifecycle of Analysis, Research, Design and Implementation of blockchain solutions. Meet Our Team!

Students will get a chance to work on research topics associated with implementation of blockchain technology and will learn about process re-engineering and adoption of blockchain solutions through their involvement, further increasing process adherence, and the adoption of blockchain platforms by clients. Check out our Blockchain Training Program!

We will build on our blockchain capabilities by engaging with experts and researchers from a wide range of disciplines (including Technology, Industry, Research houses, Leading Blockchain Platforms) to tackle interdisciplinary problems and challenges related to the developing and implementing blockchain technologies.


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Industry Engagement

The Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory offers consultancy & advisory services, as well as corporate training for organisations interested in developing and utilising blockchain solutions.

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Our research

The research being undertaken by the Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory aims to align with Australian industry initiatives around digital enablement and accelerating the implementation of blockchain solutions.

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