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Our research

Renewing and extending the Curtin School of Education Research Culture: Towards a Creative Practice in Education Hub

Current Staff Arts-based and Creative Education Research Projects

Examples of previous Staff Creative Practice Research

Fleeing the war across oceans Photovoice project

Fleeing the war across oceans: A Photovoice project

The project aims to develop a better understanding of how displaced persons (DPs) from Ukraine are experiencing their long-distance transition to and life in Western Australia (WA), focusing on the impact of displacement on their wellbeing.

This project is funded by Healthway and Lotterywest and is conducted by Professor Jaya Dantas and Dr Tetiana Bogachenko, with assistance from Larysa Chybis and Yuan Lim from Curtin University.

Download the Photovoice flyer [PDF 1mb]
painting Sid Pattni

The Story of Us: A Solo Art Exhibition by Sid Pattni

“The Story Of Us’ is a body of work that is focused on asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. I’ve painted portraits of them and also recorded interviews with them so the viewer listens to their story while they view the paintings. ABC, SBS and The West have all told me they are coming along to cover it”

Seasaw magazine noted: While refugees are visible in the media, their individual stories are often unheard. This paradox drove artist Sid Pattni to create a new immersive exhibition that brings the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers to light.

Read the full article here:

Digital Sabbath Project: Dr Julia Morris & Dr Lisa Paris

A Creative Works research project at The Moore’s Gallery, Fremantle, March 2020

A Digital Sabbath is the practice of unplugging from all technology for one day per week, with the aim of increasing social connectedness and mitigating stress and burnout by decreasing our overuse of technology.

More about the study can be found here

View Julia’s work from the exhibition here View Lisa’s work from the exhibition here
Digital Sabbath Catalogue

Related Scholarly Publications

  • Paris, L.F., Morris, J.E. & Bailey, J. (2022). The Digital Sabbath and the Digital Distraction: Emerging Methods for New Audiences. The Qualitative Report.
  • Morris, J.E. & Paris, L.F. (2022) Rethinking arts-based research methods in education: enhanced participant engagement processes to increase research credibility and knowledge translation, International Journal of Research & Method in Education, DOI: 10.1080/1743727X.2021.1926971

Download the Digital Sabbath catalogue [PDF 7mb]