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Innovation Central Perth

Innovation Central Perth (ICP) is an industry and research collaboration centre located at Curtin University, with the vision of advancing digital transformation through an open innovation ecosystem. The centre is designed to nurture innovation and growth by solving business challenges through rapid solution prototyping.

Offering unique access to state-of-the-art facilities, the centre helps organisations scope projects by building a team around their challenges to identify, test, conduct comparative analysis and deploy innovative technology solutions using cloud computing, data analytics and IoT network platforms. ICP supports original and inventive solution development through concept testing, prototype development and integration analysis.

What makes ICP unique?

The centre brings together industry experts, Cisco engineers, university researchers, computational and data scientists, and a pool of student talent in an open environment to create ground-breaking and innovative solutions that foster growth, provide jobs and help build sustainable economies.

Through these projects, ICP brings together the WA innovation ecosystem to connect and engage in a collaborative environment.

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For information on how to partner with Innovation Central Perth, please contact:

Andrew Bell
Executive Manager, Innovation Central Perth

Ash Roberts
Project Manager, Innovation Central Perth

Lenka Grant
Business Engagement Manager, Innovation Central Perth