Healthy communities

The theme of Healthy communities underpins research into human health and functioning across the lifespan. Our researchers work to prevent chronic disease, maximise health and explore human potential in elite sporting performance. 

Healthy communities spans many aspects of health and functioning.

physiotherapist working with a client

Disability and rehabilitation

We research musculoskeletal and back pain, inpatients and burns, neurological conditions causing disability, cardiovascular systems and rheumatology.

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Speech Pathology

Communication, language, speech sciences and swallowing

We are committed to understanding theories of typical and disordered communication and swallowing across the lifespan.

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person holding a mobile phone with LiveLighter App with running shoes in the background

Healthy lifestyle interventions

Our research focuses on the use of use of digital technology and mobile health to support health decisions and diet and physical activity interventions.

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group of people outside in sunshine, one in a wheelchair

Lifespan health, disability and wellbeing

Our research is in the areas of prevention and intervention, and optimising activities to improve the health and wellbeing of children, women and older people.

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Full CG images made by my self, showing a colored human brain. Point of interest are the different brain regions

Brain, behaviour and mental health

We aim to understand the interplay between basic structures of the brain, cognitive processes, emotional functioning and behaviour.

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close up of runner's shoes

Physical activity and occupational health

We research the effects of physical activity, sedentary lifestyles and ergonomics on the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

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Person running - legs and feet

Health psychology and behavioural medicine

We examine the psychological factors associated with health-related behaviour and develop interventions that promote health.

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physiotherapist working in a gym with his client

Sports and human performance

We research performance in high intensity settings, including sports, military and industrial environments.

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A mother and her twin girl babies enjoy a day at the beach while being sun-smart.

Cancer prevention

We build the evidence base relating to cancer prevention through improvements in lifestyle behaviours that are known to be associated with cancer risk.

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Powerplants in a large industrial harbor

Environmental health and safety

Our research focuses on environmental quality, exposure science and toxicology, safety science and technology and the impacts of climate change.

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