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Lizz Hill

Lecturer at Curtin University | Mental Health & Child and Family Health Researcher

Professional Area: Communication & Mental Health

My research focuses on

  • Child mental health, language and literacy
  • Predicting language disorders in children
  • The impacts that cognitive-communication disorders have on mental health

My research aims to

  • Develop quality clinical practice methods for young people with head injury
  • Understand the impacts of communication difficulties and traumatic brain injury have on mental health
  • Develop mental health and wellbeing interventions to support youth with communication disorders

I work closely with

  • Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation
  • Fremantle Speech Pathology Services
  • Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia
  • Department of Education Queensland

Lizz’s Story

After studying Speech Pathology I was inspired to continue study into the link between communications and bran injury, particularly in young people. Communication is a basic human right, and we should endeavour to help those who experience difficulty with any form of communication. As a researcher, I have a capacity to contribute to solutions that promote positive outcomes for these people, hence I found my calling!

My research pursuits are to understand the ways communication and language disorders affect young people and develop better interventions and methods of clinical practice that deliver positive outcomes. Particularly for young people who are at a higher risk of suffering from mental illness and lack of social participation.

Seeing my research efforts have a real-world impact is what makes my job so rewarding. I continue to stay involved and collaborate with community service providers, people with lived experience and other research colleagues to co-design research objectives and ensure my work can make some form of impact for the better.