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Mental health

We aim to create the solutions needed to promote mental well-being and resilience to help people live happy and meaningful lives.

Good mental health is important.

It helps us enjoy better physical health and longer lives.

It is often neglected.

More and more people are having mental health challenges.

Many people report that mental health services are difficult to use.

There is a need for more tools and strategies to cope with the pressures of modern living. This is even more important now, because of the impact COVID-19 has had on people’s lives.

We will do research that will:

  • improve care for people who have mental health challenges
  • explore ways to help people be able to recover quicker from difficulties
  • determine how to reduce the risk of having mental health challenges
  • determine how to delay the start of having mental health challenges
  • explore how to stop suicide and non-suicidal self-harm
  • explore how to find out who is at risk of suicide
  • find out how to bring teams of people with different skill sets together to improve care and support

Our researchers will work closely with:

  • people living with mental health challenges
  • families of people living with mental health challenges
  • people who work with people living with mental health challenges

This will mean that what we do:

  • can be used immediately
  • will answer questions that those most affected by mental feel is important
  • will improve the lives of people with mental health challenges and their families