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News & Events

February 2024

Identifying Problems, Building Solutions: Recap of Our Final Lean Canvas Workshop

Led by Prof Kate Brooks, our final Lean Canvas workshop was a culmination of strategic insights and collaborative efforts aimed at refining the vision for the Mobile Medi-Kit project. We began by exploring the essence of our purpose, diving deep into the fundamental question of “What is your why?” This introspective journey empowered us to articulate our mission with clarity and conviction. Building upon this foundation, we honed our pitching skills, ensuring that our message resonates with stakeholders. Through interactive exercises, we identified key problem statements, guiding our focus towards impactful solutions. Collaboratively completing the Lean Canvas, we navigated through various aspects of delivering, creating, and capturing value, harnessing the power of collective expertise and innovative thinking. As the workshop concluded, we emerged with a strengthened vision and a unified sense of purpose.

January 2024

Forging Forward: Findings from Lean Canvas Workshop 2

In our quest to innovate healthcare, Healthy Connections recently dove into the second Lean Canvas workshop led by prof Kate Brooks. Guided by Lean Startup principles, we focused on refining our approach and strategies. Key highlights included discussions on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), customer testing, and market segmentation. We emphasised the importance of a robust business model, regulatory compliance, and quality management. Our vision for Generative AI Patient Education and Culturally Inclusive Information remains at the forefront. Stay tuned as we continue our journey towards reimagining healthcare.

January 2024

Navigating Innovation: Lean Canvas Workshop Series Commences

Professor Kate Brooks, Head of Curtin School of Electrical Engineering, Computing, and Mathematical Sciences, led the first of three sessions of Lean Canvas workshops for the Innovation Central Perth interns. Focused on “Innovation Concepts,” we delved into key topics such as starting with “Why,” refining Customer-Centric Design, and navigating the Innovator’s Dilemma. The collaborative energy, with the presence of project leads and academic experts, set the stage for an exciting exploration. Anticipate updates as we gear up for workshops on Prototyping, Commercialisation, and the implementation of these skills into our Mobile Medi-Kit. Stay tuned for more innovative insights at Healthy Connections.

January 2024

Healthy Connections at the AI in Cardiovascular Disease Student Symposium

Healthy Connections proudly presented its innovative Mobile Medi-Kit at the AI in Cardiovascular Health Symposium. Held at Harry Perkins Fiona Stanley Hospital, the event showcased the Medi-Kit’s role in addressing health challenges in the Pilbara region. The presentation, supported by Susannah and led by the student team, featured a live demonstration and discussions on AI, connectivity, cybersecurity, and our vision for seamless integration into existing healthcare systems, robust support for healthcare practitioners and our commitment to cultural sensitivity. In an exclusive opportunity, Professors Andrew Maiorana and Girish Dwivedi provided a captivating tour of the state-of-the-art facilities at Harry Perkins South and Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH). The tour encompassed a firsthand look at FSH’s remarkable cardiovascular testing, rehabilitation, and care facilities. The symposium also highlighted five other groundbreaking AI solutions from UWA/Perkins, sparking enthusiasm for positive changes in healthcare. This event marks the beginning of collaborative efforts to impact the future of medicine and technology.

December 2023

Progress Unveiled: Highlights from Our Sprint Demo Day

As we wrap up our two-week sprint just before the holidays, we’re thrilled to share key moments from our recent Demo Day. A special shoutout to Dr Judy Edwards, Prof Andrew Maiorana, Dr Margaret Gidgup, and Prof Robert Eikelboom for their unwavering support. Our focus centred on the Mobile Medi-Kit, showcasing significant progress in line with our commitment to reimagining healthcare. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights: User-Friendly Showcase by Jaxson Brown: Jaxson provided a walkthrough of the Medi-Kit’s user interface and database structure, highlighting its user-friendly design tailored for the regional community. Technological Marvels Unveiled by Stanley Chong: Stanley delved into the technological aspects, unravelling the journey of integrating cutting-edge technology into our prototype. Networking Insights by Tahsin Shorat Ahmed: Tahsin shared insights into networking aspects, including satellite selection and plans for a resilient network topology. AI Deep Dive with Tristan Carlisle: Tristan’s presentation thoroughly explored the AI aspects of the Medi-Kit, detailing machine learning techniques for electrocardiogram (ECG) classification and streptococcus A bacterial pharyngitis diagnosis. Looking ahead, our focus is on refining the user interface and developing tailored language models for cultural relevance. These steps will support clinicians and offer health-centric lifestyle recommendations rooted in Aboriginal ways of life. Reflecting on our achievements, we’re grateful for the collaborative spirit propelling us forward. Here’s to a year of innovation, collaboration, and positive impact on healthcare. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey together!

December 2023

Celebrating Mya’s Milestone: Redefining Digital Health Innovation

Today, we proudly commend Mya for her outstanding Honours final project, which explores the vital intersection of ear health, mental well-being, and education in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Under Susannah’s mentorship and Prof Robert Eikelboom’s external supervision from the Ear Science Institute Australia, Mya demonstrated unwavering dedication, passion, and a commitment to impact lives positively. Mya’s study introduces an advanced system for collecting data tailored to educate and monitor ear, hearing, and mental health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. This cutting-edge system, featuring an app and classroom-centric designs, lays the groundwork for holistic educational and monitoring systems. The SoundSmiles app is designed to infuse joy into learning for Aboriginal children while improving their hearing and mental health. This endeavor has received substantial backing, securing an impressive $1.5 million grant from Western Australia’s Future Health Research and Innovation Fund. This funding will propel the app’s continued development and testing, benefitting Pilbara and South-West communities. Congratulations, Mya! We eagerly anticipate the positive ripple effect of your groundbreaking contributions.

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December 2023

Gratitude in Focus: Networking and Project Highlights at EECMS Morning Tea

We express our appreciation for the privilege to address the esteemed staff of the Curtin School of Electrical Engineering, Computing, and Mathematical Sciences during the EECMS Morning Tea. Special thanks to Head of School Prof. Kate Brooks for giving our interns the platform to introduce themselves and present the exciting advancements in our project. It was a valuable moment of connection and collaboration with our academic peers.

December 2023

Empowering Futures: Unveiling Healthy Connections to Year 11 Students in Kimberley at Innovation Central Perth

We were honoured to introduce Healthy Connections to the enthusiastic Year 11 students from the Kimberley region during their visit to Innovation Central Perth. This exciting tour was part of their exploration of the diverse educational offerings at Curtin University, providing them with valuable insights into a wide range of courses and opportunities. Our interns seized the moment to share their university and internship experiences, igniting inspiration for the next generation.

December 2023

Team Unity Through Weekly Sports: Boosting Health and Connection

Our team actively engages in weekly team-building activities through spirited sports competitions, ranging from badminton to table tennis. These activities not only promote physical health but also contribute to mental well-being, fostering a strong sense of teamwork and connection among team members.

November 2023

A Transformative Pilbara Venture

Susannah and Prof Tim’s expedition into the Pilbara region over three days was nothing short of exceptional. Engaging in vibrant discussions with fellow finalists, insightful conversations with PAMS, and connecting with the incredible healthcare providers was an enriching experience. A special thanks goes to Minister Stephen Dawson for joining our group, attentively listening to our trip insights, and contributing to the depth of our discussions. The tour navigated through hospitals in each major town, allowing us to visit essential healthcare services, including Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service, Jigalong Health Centre, Wirraka Maya Health Service in South Hedland, and MAWARNKARRA HEALTH SERVICE in Roebourne. Our sincere appreciation extends to the dedicated healthcare staff who warmly hosted our group of Challenge finalists. Despite grappling with obstacles like distance, staffing shortages, and difficulties in data system interoperability difficulties that significantly affect service delivery, the healthcare providers in the Pilbara exhibited steadfast dedication. The facilities radiated warmth and care, demonstrating a profound commitment to serving their communities – a truly humbling and inspiring experience. The tour was a profound learning experience– moving and eye-opening. We shared these insights with our students, recognising that being on the ground is irreplaceable. In our next trip up North, we hope to bring students along, deepening our understanding of the “why” behind our mobile Medi-Kit innovation and further committing to this crucial work. Our gratitude extends to all who made this journey possible, and we’re excited about the future. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our commitment to transformative healthcare.

November 2023

The Mobile Medi-Kit Takes Center Stage

We were honoured to receive an invitation to share the latest developments in our project. At the event, we had the opportunity to introduce our revolutionary Mobile Medi-Kit to a diverse audience of over 200 individuals from various sectors, including health, medical research, innovation, industry, business, and the startup community, with Hon Stephen Dawson among the attendees. Susannah’s pitch was a culmination of numerous hours, innovative ideas, and steadfast dedication invested in our project. During our presentation, we highlighted the profound impact of the Mobile Medi-Kit, emphasising a shift from conventional clinical pathways. The AI-driven chatbot integrated into the medi-kit assists health workers, interprets data on-site, connects to local clinic GPs online, and generates visual care plans. This not only enhances health literacy but also facilitates the early detection of critical conditions. Our efforts bridge healthcare gaps, empowering communities with prompt support and personalised care plans. Yet, this is just the beginning. The Mobile Medi-Kit’s potential, leveraging secure network connectivity and advanced AI analytics, expands to screening and detecting conditions like renal failure, diabetes, respiratory issues, and skin conditions.

November 2023

Healthy Connections Project Takes Flight with Dynamic Team Kick-off

Healthy Connections has officially commenced with our dynamic team of Innovation Central Perth interns and volunteers, launching a transformative journey to reshape Pilbara healthcare. Our diverse student team, skilled in AI/ML, IoT, networking, cyber security, health, marketing, and engagement, initiated the project with a collaborative and energetic kickoff, setting the stage for an impactful and innovative summer ahead.

Healthy Connection's team visit to RPH HIVE
November 2023

Visit to RPH HIVE

Our team visited the East Metro Health Service Health in a Virtual Environment (HIVE) at Royal Perth Hospital, a transformative healthcare initiative operational for two years. The immersive tour of HIVE showcased its vital role in empowering healthcare professionals through remote access to patient signs and innovative real-time monitoring, with a particular emphasis on mental health

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