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Current projects

Arts-based research projects currently under way in The Hub

The Creative Practice Research Series celebrates a reorientation in our past Curtin University, School of Education research culture from being strongly entrenched in traditional orientation to encompass more contemporary forms where research collaborators use the arts to reach new audiences.

Tanya Calzione painting

HDR community of practice and research seminar series

Monthly HDR community of practice meetings Bi-monthly seminars with international partners (Drama for Life)
Tanya Carcione project
Creative practice HDR reflections

Tanya Carcione (M.Phil)

Research focus: Investigating approaches to teaching artwork interpretation inculturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) senior school visual arts classrooms

Download the presentation [PDF]
Maryam Aldossary project

Maryam Aldossary (PhD)

Topic: The Effectiveness of Art-based Instrumental Mentoring Program in Enhancing Metacognition in First Year University Students.
Research Forms: Qualitative-Arts based/ by Publication
Cr Pr Res Hub: Pop Up Exhibition 16-19 May 2023

Monthly HDR community of practice meetings
Tayla Foldham project

Tayla Fordham (M.Phil)

Topic: Student Reluctance to Authentically Engage in Drama within Classrooms. Bridging the Gap
Creative Practice Thesis Candidate: Non-Traditional Research Output
Research Forms: Verbatim Theatre Work/Non-Traditional Research Output – Performed Research and Exegesis.
Cr Pr Res Hub: WiP Data Collection Performance Excerpts Early 2024

plant seedling growing
PhD Fully Funded Scholarships

2024 RTP round – Something from my garden: An Arts-Based enquiry into the impacts of expert mentoring on beginning arts teacher experience

This arts-based education research (ABER) project aims to expand understanding of the transformative potential of mentoring on beginning arts teachers working within lower secondary arts education environments in Western Australia. The outcome of the inquiry will be a major exhibition of visual arts works OR a substantive drama work, each with an associated exegesis, which when taken together perform the results of the study as prescribed by the Curtin Humanities Creative Practice HDR Examination Policy.

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childrens hands in a circle

2024 RTP round – Investigating and Supporting Aboriginal children’s transition from home to school in remote communities

The research is about investigating and supporting transitioning from home to school in remote communities. There will be a component of directly working with Aboriginal children, recognising what they bring with them to school and hearing their voices. As such, the project will have a direct impact on 3-to-5-year olds. Because there is a component of family literacy embedded in this project, it will also have an indirect impact on younger children.

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