Curtin University has built up an impressive portfolio of experience and unique capabilities in the defence sector.

We are delivering fundamental inputs to Australia’s defence capability in partnership with the Australian Defence Force, state and federal governments and industry partners.

Our research expertise can solve the most complex defence and security challenges. Our strengths lie in a versatile network of academics with skills and experience in the defence sector, an invaluable asset to partners looking to address emerging challenges in the industry, such as digitising the defence workforce and building capacity in situational awareness and communications.

Our research specialities include:

Situational awareness
Maintenance and sustainment
Human performance

Situational awareness

Maintenance and sustainment

  • The Curtin Corrosion Centre is using Curtin’s unique laboratories to investigate various types of corrosion, such as mechanically assisted, microbiologically influences, acid gas and atmospheric corrosion.
  • Curtin’s research on blast and impact engineering has produced insights in designing buildings resistant to terrorist attacks, which can be applied to building construction, emergency response and field operations.
  • Curtin’s expertise in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical disciplines, includes a particular focus in computational fluid dynamics, vibration modelling and signal processing and optimisation.


  • Curtin’s research into digital technologies, such as the internet of things, intent-based networking, and artificial intelligence, is informing innovative solutions to emerging problems, along with opportunities for competitive advantage through technology integration.
  • Innovation Central Perth, a partnership between Curtin, Cisco, Woodside and CSIRO’s Data 61, recently developed machine learning technology that automatically detects mechanical faults using sound.
  • The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is a purpose-built data facility that enables new challenges, previously to time and resource-intensive, to be pursued.
  • The HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) facility features large scale visualisation systems ideal for interpreting and communicating high-powered research.
  • Curtin’s intelligent robots and autonomous systems research have attracted collaborators from around the world, such as the Japan Science and Technology Agency, the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research and Australia’s Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence CRC.

Human performance

  • Curtin has research groups focused on occupational health and safety expertise in areas such as respiratory effects, vibration, fatigue, hydration and confined spaces.
  • Curtin has undertaken several research projects that improve the mental performance of personnel. Recent research on individual and team resilience in the Australian Defence Force will be used to train and coach personnel for better team outcomes.

Strategic partnerships

Collaboration is key to Curtin’s defence research strategy, showcased by our portfolio of diverse, global partnerships across industry, government and other research institutions:

Connect with us

We’re keen to work with emerging and established defence sector organisations via consultative, collaborative and other bespoke relationships.

If you’d like to find out more information about Curtin’s Defence capabilities, please view our Defence Capability Statement or contact Strategic Project Officer, Andrew Bell.