Spotlight on women in STEMM

Dr Elissa Burton with some of her research study participants.

Dr Elissa Burton: fit for purpose

As a child, Dr Elissa Burton was sports mad and school was of secondary importance. Fittingly, she went on to work at a sporting organisation…

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Dr Deplazes is studying the anti-cancer activity of a spider venom peptide.

Dr Evelyne Deplazes: scientist struck by spider venom

While the thought of spider venom would make most people shudder, Dr Deplazes is interested in its health-giving properties…

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Dr Blackford is tackling a global public health issue.

Dr Krysten Blackford: global health issue tackled in WA

Dr Krysten Blackford, has made an impact on a condition so prevalent, it’s considered a global public health issue.

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Professor Catherine Elliott is determined to get intervention for cerebral palsy right.

Professor Catherine Elliott: improving Early Intervention outcomes

Professor Elliott is a researcher in the area of neurological impairment, and is determined to get intervention for cerebral palsy right.

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Dr Biedermann researches whether meditation can enhance word retrieval.

Dr Britta Biedermann: meditation and cognitive neuropsychology

Strategy, an adventurous streak and more than a few leaps of faith…

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Bioleaching is an environmentally responsible process of extracting metals from ores.

Professor Elizabeth Watkin: the microbial ecology of environmental systems

Serendipity played a part in Professor Elizabeth Watkin’s decision to pursue a career in the life sciences.

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Dr Dzidic with some of her HDR and fourth year research students - L-R Kaitlyn Holyman, Jessica Harrison, Hannah Uren, Tamara Lipscome, Jack Farrugia, Dr Dzidic, Matthew Phillips, Robert Wells.

Dr Peta Dzidic: community and social psychology

As an undergraduate student, Dr Dzidic developed a passion for the social sciences.

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