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Food Agility CRC

The Food Agility CRC aims to empower Australia’s food industry to grow its comparative advantage through digital transformation.

Curtin Centre for Infrastructural Monitoring and Protection (CIMP)

CIMP is built to focus, enhance and enrich the research strengths of civil and structural engineering in Curtin University.

The Institute for Geoscience Research (TIGeR)

TIGeR brings together active researchers across the spectrum of geosciences with the common goal of understanding the processes that control…

Fuels and Energy Technology Institute (FETI)

The FETI carries out fundamental research, technology development and deployment activities for the development and commercialisation of low-emission energy technologies.

Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (CIRA)

The CIRA covers a wide range of projects in the area of radio astronomy.

Curtin Institute for Data Science (CIDS)

CIDS is a dedicated institute, supporting the research community as the demand for computational skills has grown.

X-Ray Surface Analysis Facility

This facility, part of Curtin’s John de Laeter Centre, houses advanced instrumentation for the identification and quantification of crystalline material…

Digital Mineralogy Hub

The Digital Mineralogy Hub is part of Curtin’s John de Laeter Centre and has access to a Tescan Integrated Mineral…

WA Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Facility

WA-OIG is an internationally-recognised group contributing to world-class research in the fields of organic and stable isotope geochemistry, palaeogenomics and…

Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe Facility (SHRIMP)

SHRIMP is part of Curtin’s John de Laeter Centre. The Sensitive High Resolution Ion MicroProbe Facility (SHRIMP) incorporates large mass…

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