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Adding samples inside a biosafety cabinet

About us

Our mission is to discover new prevention and treatment strategies for people facing terminal or lifelong chronic disease burden by supporting researchers who think beyond existing paradigms.

Being a University-owned medical research centre of excellence, we can host medical researchers from diverse disciplines prepared to explore novel ideas that may give new insight into the causes, prevention or treatment of vascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases; inflammatory disorders including injury and wounds; brain degenerative disorders and neurological conditions such as pain; and in poor prognostic cancers.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Providing stability of resources to research projects not tied to short-term wins and competitive grants success.
  • Supporting our medical researchers to explore the unexplored, take risks and think outside the box.
  • Nurturing new ideas and supporting innovation. We increase the likelihood of major scientific insights and significant health outcomes by fostering discovery science.
  • Building strong academic and clinical partnerships to rapidly translate our findings to the medical and general community; and
  • Providing a vibrant and multidisciplinary research training environment for the next generation of medical scientists and encouraging them to pursue new insights that will lead to big outcomes.

Collaborate with us

Meet our team and explore a range of collaborative research partnerships.

Our leadership team

We attract, train and support researchers through every stage of their career and partner with industry to solve real-world problems.

Our strategic partnerships

To advance our research, we maintain strong, collaborative relationships with research leaders and companies in Australia and worldwide.

Our research

Our research encompasses four focuses: cancer, inflammation, infectious disease and wounds, neurodegenerative disorders and vascular and metabolic disorders.