Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry

The School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry is renowned for its unique, ground-breaking combinations of critical and creative research in the domains of digital futures, social justice, international relations, and cultural industries. Home to the longest continuously running writing program in Australia, the School is known internationally for its award-winning viscreative-practice research in writing, performance, fine art, and the screen arts.

Two people wearing Virtual Reality (VR) headsets


Centre for Culture and Technology

The Centre for Culture and Technology focuses on national competitive grant schemes and international research collaboration in cultural, media and journalism research, the creative economy and cultural science.

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Centre for Human Rights Education

The Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE) provides a focal point for research, teaching and scholarly activity in the area of human rights education. In this context, education is understood in its broadest sense, including community education, raising awareness, promoting understanding and debate around human rights issues, and implementing human rights principles in a range of occupations, as well as education in formal settings of schools and universities.

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China Australia Writing Centre

Established in 2015, the centre showcases Australian writing in China and Chinese writing in Australia, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas about writing and the teaching of writing in Chinese and Australian universities.

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Australian Folklore Research Unit

The Australian Folklore Research Unit’s research expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Australian folklore
  • global hero traditions
  • urban folklore
  • Australian cultural history
  • Anglophone cultural traditions
  • applied folklore.

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Visualisation and Interactive Media (VisMedia)

VisLab – Visualisation, Media Technology, and User-Experience
VisLab attempts to solve industrial, societal, and user-experience problems through a transdisciplinary approach. VisLab investigates the use of latest media technologies, data visualisation techniques, and methods in human-computer-interaction. Read more.