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High quality publications are often seen as the major output from research activity. Not only do they provide credibility in terms of research grants, but also aid with global rankings. Balance between high quality theory and applied research papers and industry reports, professional journal articles and other publicly accessible dissemination outlets help ensure that our research is seen as being both rigorous and relevant.

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On this webpage, a range of support resources are provided, encompassing funding opportunities, ranking lists and information on Open Access and predatory journals. Some of these resources are publicly available (for example, publishing information on Open Access and predatory journals), while others (for example, support for publications) are only accessible by our researchers.

This page also provides news on publication success and other noteworthy achievements.

Publishing information

Open Access

Materials published in open access journals or digital research repositories (e.g. espace) can be accessed without barriers by anyone via the internet. The term open access describes the nature of access. Within scholarly publishing, open access refers to material that is online and digital; without cost to access; peer reviewed research; compliant with copyright legislation; and free of access barriers.

Predatory Journals

In academic publishing, predatory publishing involves charging publication fees to authors without providing the editorial and publishing services associated with legitimate journals.

Below is information and interesting commentary pieces on the topic, that may be helpful to you when deciding where to publish your research.