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Solutions to real-world problems affecting our communities are a focus of research at Curtin. Contributions from the community to this type of research are invaluable and help solve complex questions from medical conditions to urban planning and design, to understanding how customers purchase products.

Community participation in research is precious, and Curtin is dedicated to keeping people involved in research safe, and their confidentiality and privacy maintained. The National Statement on the Ethical Conduct of Human Research guides researchers on the principles of researching humans, and it is mandatory at Curtin that all research involving humans complies with this standard.

All research at Curtin involving humans undergoes a process of review for ethics and scientific standard. Curtin has a Human Research Ethics Committee, registered through the National Health and Medical Research Council. The committee is made up of academics from Curtin as well as laypeople from the community to enable a rigorous and objective review of applications to ensure the safety of participants.

Ethics approval

For human ethics applications and approval forms, please log into InfoEd.