The Faculty of Science & Engineering have established an enviable suite of facilities to conduct research and teaching, allowing staff and students access to world-class facilities.

Premier facilities

Curtin Engineering Pavilion The $32.5 million Curtin Engineering Pavilion Complex, opened in 2011, is comprised of two buildings and an exhibition complex, to create an engineering precinct at Curtin University’s Perth campus.

The Engineering Pavilion has received a 5 star green rating, based on its innovative design and technologies – these also act as hands-on learning tools for Curtin’s engineering students. The building is one of only a few in Australia to be submitted to the Green Building Council of Australia for assessment using the Green Star – Education v1 Rating Tool.

The environmentally friendly building features rooftop water tanks that harvest rainwater for use throughout the building. As well as this, temperature banding reduces power consumption on air conditioning systems by widening accessible temperature ranges within the complex. Forecast savings 990kl water/year (39% reduction) and 70,425 KWH energy (42% reduction).

The energy, water and environmental performance of the Engineering Pavilion is constantly monitored and a display facility supports both instantaneous and trend information representation.

Resources and Chemistry Precinct The Resources and Chemistry Precinct houses Curtin’s state-of-the-art chemistry laboratory facilities.

The precinct provides a world-class environment in which a wide array of research activities take place, from fundamental ‘blue sky’ investigations to those directly related to the biotechnology, chemical, minerals, energy and resources sectors.

The $116 million Resources and Chemistry Precinct unites Curtin with key state and federal agencies, and industry involved in research and education for the minerals, energy and chemistry sectors.

It also attracts some of the best national and international researchers to Perth, and creates the foundation for high-impact and industry-relevant research.

With your learning largely based here, you will be exposed to a vibrant research community and to a range of industries, potential employers and career paths in industry research.

Advantages include:

  • input from industry regarding the design of Curtin degrees, keeping courses closely aligned with the needs of industry, government and employers
  • access to facilities and equipment across a range of organisations in the neighbourhood
  • exposure to a broad spectrum of employment opportunities and career paths in industry and research.

School facilities

Further information on the School facilities for the Faculty of Science Engineering: