To be a truly future-focused university, sustainability has to be at the heart of everything you do. At Curtin, sustainability is one of the pillars of our strategic plan and our commitment to it is evident not only through our teaching, buildings and plans for the future but through our research.



Developing a Cross Sector Digital Asset Information Model Framework for Asset Management

This project will expand the use of digital information modelling beyond design and construction to encompass asset management practices whilst concurrently improving sustainability, resilience and safety.

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Integrated Cities: Procuring Transport Infrastructure through Integrating Transport, Land Use and Finance

This project will provide industry with the capacity to mainstream a difficult new process on how to both unlock land development potential and integrate transportation infrastructure in Australia’s growing cities through tapping private investment.

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Mapping the Social and Affordable Housing Supply Chain

This project will map the social and affordable housing sector in Australia, to help improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the system and thus enhance access.

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Non-conformance Prevalence, Testing Capacity and Nature amongst Specific Building Product Categories

This project aims to improve the evidence base relating to non-conforming building products by conducting random off the shelf independent product testing and an objective quantitative analysis of the overall results and implications.

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Tech-Enabled Transport: Informing the Transition to Technology Enabled Transport Vehicles and Infrastructure

The aim of this project is to assist Australian transport related agencies and infrastructure consultants navigate the transition to technology enabled vehicles and transport infrastructure in the coming decade.

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Unlocking Facility Value through Lifecycle Thinking

The aim of this project is to use smart digital frameworks to appropriately capture the information required for key decisions made across the lifecycle of facilities in the housing, buildings, transport, utilities and airport sectors, through developing an automated integrated system for asset management.

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