Future Battery Industries CRC


The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBI CRC) will provide leadership for Australia to participate meaningfully in the future battery industries value chain. It will contribute industry focussed research to the development of the whole value chain, transforming energy systems and sectors globally, and ensure economic return is maximised for Australia’s new energy materials.

As economies around the world decarbonise, demand for energy products using new energy materials is forecast to increase 10-fold by 2030. Australia is abundantly rich in the new energy materials (e.g. lithium, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and graphite) that are fundamental to future battery industries. Through participation in all stages of the value chain, Australia can work with international organisations and position itself globally as a strategic partner providing certainty of supply, quality, reliability, affordability and sustainability.

The FBI CRC will connect world class research capability with industry needs to build knowledge, and develop processes and battery applications using Australia’s new energy materials. This will underpin the path to commercialisation for Intellectual Property developed by the CRC, and seed economic growth opportunities.

To find out more about the Future Battery Industries CRC or participate in this initiative see our prospectus or contact the bid team.


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