Established in 2017, the Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre brings multi-disciplinary research and development expertise to the oil and gas industry, and to the energy sector in general.

The centre is funded by Curtin’s Faculties Business and Law, Science and Engineering, and the Research Office at Curtin. We promote scientific excellence, collaborating with our partners to achieve maximum impact for our clients.

Our objectives have a long-term industry focus, as they are aligned with the strategic priorities of the National Energy Resources Australia and the Australian Research Council.

About us

As an industry-led research and knowledge centre, our projects are supported by both Curtin University and external stakeholders. We aim to be the go-to technology centre for the oil and gas industry in Australia and internationally.

Our mission is to be a forward-looking, industry-engaged research institution.

We plan to achieve this by developing technologies and processes that will reduce costs, unlock resources, increase value and productivity, protect the environment and increase workplace safety.