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Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship Policy

The Research Training Program (RTP) has replaced the below schemes effective 1 January 2017:

  • Research Training Scheme (RTS)
  • Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA)
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS).

Recipients of these ceased schemes have been transferred to an equivalent Australian Government RTP scholarship.

Australian Government RTP Scholarship types

The RTP is an Australian Government–funded scholarship scheme that provides funding support for both domestic and international students undertaking higher degrees by research (HDR).

The three forms of Australian Government RTP Scholarships are:

  1. RTP Fee Offset scholarship (covers the cost of the HDR tuition fees otherwise payable by the student)
  2. RTP Stipend (for general living costs)
  3. RTP Allowance (towards ancillary costs of research degrees).

RTP Scholarship procedures

The RTP scholarship procedures sets out information surrounding the processes and conditions for RTP scholarships. The procedures are available on the Curtin Find a Policy website and cover topics such as:

  • student eligibility requirements
  • scholarship types, rates and periods of support
  • application, selection, ranking and offer process.

All Australian Government RTP scholarship recipients and applicants are required to familiarise themselves with this procedure.

Australian Government RTP Scholarship conditions of award (CoA)

Students in receipt of an Australian Government RTP scholarship should read the related associated conditions of award (CoA). CoA can be found on the Curtin Scholarship webpage.

Domestic students

  • 2017 RTP Fee Offset Scholarship: For domestic HDR applicants successful in obtaining a HDR course offer under the RTP – excludes students previously offered under the Research Training Scheme (RTS).
  • 2017 RTP Stipend Scholarship: For domestic HDR applicants successful in the 2017 Scholarship round – previously known as the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA).
  • 2018 Australian Government RTP Fee Offset Scholarship: For domestic HDR applicants successful in obtaining a HDR course offer.
  • 2018 RTP Stipend Scholarship: For domestic HDR applicants successful in the 2018 Scholarship round.

International students

  • 2017 RTP International Fee Offset and RTP Stipend Scholarship: For international HDR applicants who were successful in the 2017 Scholarship round – previously known as the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship-APA (IPRS-APA).
  • 2018 RTP Stipend Scholarship: For international HDR applicants successful in the 2018 Scholarship round.

Changes to 2017 and 2018 Australian Government RTP Scholarship conditions of award (CoA)

Provision for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) – published February 2018

RTP scholarship recipients who are eligible to have their OSHC paid under an RTP Allowance Scholarship are covered for the duration of their student visa relevant to their higher degree by research course of study. This extends beyond the duration of OSHC cover detailed in 2017 and 2018 RTP Scholarship conditions of award.

Changes to 2018 Australian Government Research Training (RTP) Scholarships – published September 2017

Summary of changes:

  • Simplification of RTP scholarship eligibility requirements.
  • Requirement for RTP scholarship recipients to seek approval for study load adjustment (i.e. full-time to part-time and vice versa).
  • No impact on RTP scholarship duration where a RTP scholarship recipient has a University-approved leave of absence.

It is envisaged that 2017 RTP scholarship recipients will not be disadvantaged by these changes.

How to apply for an Australian Government RTP Scholarship

RTP Fee Offset Scholarship
Domestic applicants are automatically assessed for eligibility at the point of application to a HDR course.
There is no separate application process.

RTP Stipend Scholarship
Both interested domestic and international applicants are required to apply, when the round opens, via the Curtin Scholarships website. This is a competitive selection process.

RTP Allowance Scholarship
This is a scholarship that may be allocated at Curtin’s discretion to both domestic and international students.
There is currently no application process.

Requirement to acknowledge the Commonwealth's support

There is a legislative requirement that you acknowledge the Australian Government’s support in any published materials related to your HDR.

You have always been required under the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research – Section 4.9 to disclose research support accurately. Published materials include items such as books, articles, newsletters or other literary or artistic works which relate to your HDR project.

The acknowledgement must include the mention of your support through an “Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship”.

Notification of your Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN)

Curtin will obtain and record your CHESSN on your behalf. There is no action required on your part.

Your CHESSN is a unique identifying number that stays with you for the whole of your student life. It helps Curtin University and the Australian Government provide you with information about any Commonwealth assistance (scholarships or HELP loans) you may have used.

Domestic students
To be eligible for an RTP scholarship, Curtin University is required to issue domestic students with a CHESSN and report this number to the Department of Education and Training (DET). If you already have a CHESSN from previous study, the number will remain the same. If you do not have a CHESSN, Curtin University will proceed to obtain the CHESSN on your behalf.

International students
To comply with DET’s future requirements, Curtin will obtain a CHESSN on your behalf. This will form part of Curtin’s reporting obligations.

Where can I find more information on CHESSNs?
Further information on CHESSNs can be found on the StudyAssist website.

Where can I find my CHESSN?
Your CHESSN is printed on the top right hand corner of your electronic Commonwealth Assistance Notice (eCAN).

How do I view my eCAN?
See the ‘How do I view my eCAN’ section on the Fees@Curtin website.

Research Training Scholarship

As the Research Training Scheme (RTS) ceased 31 December 2016, all references to this scheme were removed.

At Curtin, for administrative purposes only, all domestic students in receipt of Australian Government RTP Scholarships will be referred to as students covered by a Research Training Scholarship, in order to maintain a distinction between the international and domestic cohorts.

More information

For more information about the RTP, view the Department of Education and Training’s frequently asked questions or visit the Australian Government website.