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This section contains guidelines for research students and details procedures and associated information for the various stages of candidature.

What stage are you at?

Applying for candidacy

On receipt of your official notification of enrolment, you will be considered a provisional candidate until such time as you submit for candidacy and are approved. Candidacy preparation seminars are run twice annually.


Obtaining candidacy approval confirms that your Faculty Graduate Studies Committee has provided official confirmation that your program of study, including research aims and expected results, are of an acceptable standard.

Thesis preparation

It’s important that during the writing of your thesis, standard methods of format and use of references are followed.

Thesis submission

Prior to submitting your thesis, you need to seek title page approval, complete the relevant copyright documentation and seek the approval of your supervisor.

Examination process

Your thesis is reviewed in terms of your understanding of the field of study, your ability to conceive, plan and conduct a program of research, the originality of your work and the significance of the contribution you have made to that field.

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