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Challenge learning platform

Curtin University has developed a web-based gamified learning system allowing individuals or teams across the globe to tackle “challenges” and in the process absorb learnings in areas such as Leadership, Global Citizenship and Innovation.

The content is multimedia and highly interactive, incorporates collaboration tools and a back-end analytics system enables the teacher to understand the roles and contributions of the team members, and the areas of the content that the students found problematic. Teams can self-form based on their interests and role preferences, or can be put together for example as an exercise within a particular cohort.

Background and overview

The development team has over 60 years experience in teaching, educational technologies at scale and data analytics.

The system is in regular use at Curtin with 100,000 learning experiences delivered to over 50,000 students.

The system and existing content is available, and it is relatively easy to author and add new content for a new topic.

The system has been migrated from within the Curtin intranet so that it is now available over the web with a subscription model.

Market and competition

The system is suitable for use for schools (all years from K-12), higher education and professional/corporate development

Competing solutions to enable personalised learning at scale in a digital environment either focus on collaboration tools or digital content, but do not bring these together in an integrated system with analytics to allow teacher insights and personal feedback to students.


A system to complement more formal learning methods, and focused on more “real world” complex topics to help build individual capabilities.

Improved and more personalised educational experiences though insights and knowledge into how teams are collaborating together and where students are performing or struggling with their education.

Opportunities to strengthen the quality of the content based on the analysis of how students are interacting with it.


Curtin is looking for licensees for the system and for collaboration partners to help build more content and potentially market the system into particular niche segments.