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Atomised Rapid Injection for Solvent Extraction

Atomised Rapid Injection for Solvent Extraction (ARISE) is supercritical fluid anti-solvent extraction technology which generates micron and sub-micron size particles of active pharmaceutical agents (APIs) that are more readily absorbed by the body. Such formulations allow the use of a lower dosage and can reduce side effects.

ARISE technology is capable of creating formulations that can be delivered by oral, stimulus-response, site-specific, transdermal, buccal/sublingual (via the oral cavity) or pulmonary modes of delivery.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing challenges with new medicines approvals and patent expiries ARISE offers an approach to reformulating existing or failed drugs, extending product lifecycles and repurposing drugs for new indications. Up to 40% of new drugs have solubility challenges and ARISE technology can enhance drug performance in cases where the rate of dissolution is the limiting factor to the onset of therapeutic activity.

ARISE process is also suitable for the formulation of complementary medicines.


The advantages of ARISE include:

  • Suitable for reformulation of commercially available FDA approved drugs and excipients
  • Potential for patent life extension
  • Capability to repurpose existing drugs for new indications
  • Potential to generate patentable IP for each application
  • Significantly smaller environmental footprint compared to conventional drug formulation processes


Professor Neil R. Foster has 20 years experience in developing drug delivery systems including as Technical Director of Eiffel Technologies. He has received $7 million industry funding and is the inventor of 6 granted patents in drug delivery systems.

Stage of development

Proof of concept at laboratory scale for a range of generic FDA-approved, commercially available drugs has been established in vitro.10 g/day scale-up has been successfully demonstrated and GMP process validation of demonstration-scale facility (50 – 100g/day) is planned.

As a next stage, the team will assess the efficacy of oral formulations in an appropriate animal model (mouse) for specific disease states, such as colorectal cancer and Crohn’s disease.

Intellectual property

The ARISE technology is protected by a granted US patent (US 8389013)


Curtin is seeking partners for licensing of ARISE technology for indication-specific applications.


Russell Nicholls – Deputy Director, Commercialisation, Curtin University


Phone: +61 410 285 554