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2019 awards


A total prize pool in excess of $30,000 was awarded at the Curtinnovation Awards in September.

Overall Curtinnovation 2019 winner


Team: Dr Tejas Bhatelia, Nathan Letizia, Professor Vishnu Pareek, Dr Biao Sun, Dr Ranjeet Utikar, John Curtin Distinguished Professor Moses Tade: Western Australia School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering

SpiroPak is a nature-inspired high-performance structured packing for chemical processing industries, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and carbon capture. Developed and prototyped using 3D printing, the improved efficiency of gas and liquid flow can increase capacity and reduce energy use.


Category winners

Health Sciences

High Protein plant-based food ingredient

Team: Hayder Al-Ali: School of Public Health, Dr Stuart Johnson and Dr Mark Hackett: School of Molecular and Life Sciences, Professor Muhammad Gulzar: Teagasc Food Research Centre (Ireland) Dr Emmanuel Karakyriakos: Central Chemical Consulting Pty Ltd.

Researchers have developed a processing technique that unlocks the functionality of protein in the Australian crop lupin. The versatile food ingredient is inexpensive and sustainable, and could be the answer to increasing industry demand for vegan, non-GM, gluten-free, high-protein food.


Science and Engineering

Thermal Batteries

Team: Professor Craig Buckley, Dr Terry Humphries, Dr Kasper Møller, Dr Veronica Sofianos, Dr Mark Paskevicius, and Lucas Poupin: School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Researchers have developed a battery that stores energy as heat using high temperature chemical reactions. The team has partnered with international renewable energy companies to develop and scale the technology which costs just a fraction of competing battery technologies.

*Winners of the 2019 People’s Choice Award 



Huey - the household energy indicator

Team: Dr Joshua Byrne: School of Built Environment and Design, Gary McGhee: Buzzware Solutions, Australia

Huey is an elegant smart device created to bring energy awareness to home owners and occupiers. By presenting the real-time status of a household’s energy balance (consumption, generation and storage) in an intuitive, always on and consumer-friendly way, households are empowered to better manage their energy use.


Business and Law

Thrive at Work

Team: Meredith Carr, Dannielle Finnerty, Professor Mark Griffin, Lucinda Iles, Dr Karina Jorritsma, Megan Orchard, Kimberley Parker, Professor Sharon Parker and Jennifer Warr: Future of Work Institute

Thrive at Work is an initiative that helps organisations to design, implement and sustain healthy, high performing work environments. With the support of the Mental Health Commission WA, Thrive at Work offers evidence-based tools and resources to workplaces, to help them create well-being strategies and measurable action plans to enhance employee well-being.


Teaching and Learning

Research Screener

Team: Dr Leo Ng: School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Dr Kevin Chai: Curtin Institute for Computation, Peter Edwards (Curtin alumnus)

Research Screener is a new web app that can analyse thousands of academic papers with speed and accuracy. The app uses sophisticated AI technologies including machine learning and natural language processing to identify and rank relevant abstracts. With the help of the app, research teams can reduce their time spent screening from 100 hours to just five.