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The Curtinnovation Awards represent our commitment to ensuring that exceptional research outcomes translate into new products and services. Established in 2007, the awards are now a focal point of the innovation calendar in Western Australia.

The awards identify new technologies, products and services arising from research at Curtin, and enable us to highlight commercial opportunities at Curtin both internally and to the wider business community.

Previous winners include iCetana, REX Ortho, Renergi and Climate Clever which all started with an idea for a new product and service based on Curtin research. Applications are judged against criteria including the level of innovation and commercial potential of the opportunity.

2020 awards

The world has changed in 2020. It’s never been more important to think innovatively in all industries, from healthcare to IT, resources, education and beyond. Your idea for a new technology, product or service could have a significant, positive impact on the world. For the first time, Curtin is opening its Curtinnovation Awards program to applicants beyond staff and students, and is now also accepting applications from prospective students and current and prospective industry collaborators.

The 2020 awards have a prize pool of up to $100,000*.

In addition to cash prizes, this year’s prize pool includes the opportunity to win scholarships to Curtin Ignition and Curtin Accelerate valued at up to $3,250 and $5,000 each respectively.  

Applications for the 2020 Curtinnovation Awards have now closed.

Winners of the 2020 Curtinnovation Awards will be announced in November 2020. Curtin is the home for ideas that can make tomorrow better.

For some inspiration, see the 2019 Curtinnovation Award winners here.

For more information about the awards, please contact the Commercialisation team on 9266 4703 or email,

*Terms and conditions

The 2020 Curtinnovation Award prize pool is valued at up to $100,000:

  • Main prize – $15,000
  • Category prizes – 5 x $5,000
  • 10+ scholarships to Curtin Ignition
  • 5 scholarships to Curtin Accelerate

View the full list of Terms and conditions here.