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Spin-out companies

We have helped nurture a large number of research projects into commercial maturity.

Here are just a few:


Neuromonics helps provide people with tinnitus to improve their quality of life and overcome challenges associated with the condition.


Sensear markets a range of products that enable effective communication in high noise environments.


HiSeis specialises in cost effective, high-definition seismic reflection techniques for end-to-end seismic hard rock exploration.


iCetana supplies AI assisted video monitoring software to improve security and autonomous operations.

Renergi Pty Ltd

Renergi Pty Ltd commercialises biomass and waste to energy technologies.


PainChek has developed the world’s first smart phone pain assessment and monitoring device. The company listed on the ASX in 2016.

Read more about PainChek here. 


Selvax is developing a novel immunological based approach to the treatment of cancer. The treatment is being investigated for animal health and human medical issues.


REXOrtho is developing the REX Screw product range for use in orthopaedic surgical applications.