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Commercialisation process

All commercial prospects disclosed to Commercialisation are managed through a diligent, stepwise process. From initial disclosure, we assess:

  • the commercial opportunity being presented, including identifying end users and key commercial partners
  • the potential for IP protection
  • funding required to bring the innovation to market
  • the best business case to take the opportunity forward.

The process

  1. Contact is made by the researcher or research team.
  2. Researcher completes initial opportunity disclosure form. This is to identify:
    • unmet need addressed by innovation
    • key distinguishing features from current solution to problem addressed
    • stage of development
    • details of any previous disclosure and existing commercial arrangements.
  3. Project is allocated to an analyst to assess the opportunity. The assessment may include:
    • prior art search
    • desktop market research
    • feedback from industry expert in consultation with researcher.
  4. Decision is made to either:
    • not proceed at this stage: notification is sent to researcher and head of school, including summary of opportunity assessment. Opportunity may be considered after further development.
    • commercialise: notification sent to researcher and head of school. Standard documents completed.
  5. If the decision has been made to commercialise, the commercialisation plan is developed and implemented.
  6. Opportunity for Kickstart funding through submission to Commercialisation Advisory Board.